thoughts about mansfield sec tech 1955-1960

Hi all, I attended Mansfield County Secondary Technical school as it was known then, between 1955 to 1960, spent in nissan huts at sutton reservoir.

Just a few memories, who ever got to press the button to sound the prisoner escape hooter [sorry, end of break time). Head Mr Radford with his strap ( scared the hell out of me).

I’ve not seen any mention of Bulldog Davies, science master, hated him when I first started at this school, but regarded him as a really good bloke when I left. PE teacher Mr Grant taught us to harden up( twice round the reservoir during winter, some of us made a short cut through an ice covered stream-happy days!

Miss Hollingsworth, music, good looker but will always remember her first words to my class “my looks belie me very much”- arrogant person. Pip Lemon, again disliked him at first, but respected him later.  Anyone remember Mr. Plackett, woodwork, nice chap but didn’t know which way around a coping saw blade should be fitted. Mr Kerr (good bloke) Killer (eerm) .

Who can remember trying to learn Calculus (integration and differentiation-I think. What a waste of time, even Grammar schools didn’t teach it in those days! My worst memory of attending this school was arriving 5 mins late after 2 bus rides from Fishpool (now known as “Ravenshead” since the so called upper class moved there) in mid-winter and then being slippered(they always used plimsolls !!) and it was always more painful than teacher punishment. Having said all that I remain extremely grateful for the education that I received at this school, and the excellent teaching staff at that time.

Just remembered the red hot glowing stove heaters in the nissan huts- no way would that be allowed now, nanny state and all, and the furnaces and big lathes in the metalwork class-wow! I think I’ve done ok in later life (75 next year) and enjoyed electrical/electronic jobs since leaving.

OPTIMA PETIMUS I sought the best and was proud to wear the uniform.

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  • I was at Mansfield Secondary Tech from 1952-56. Well remember Mr Lemon….scared me to death. Also Mr Rafferty, Mr and Mrs Joslin, Mr Grant, Mr Weedon, Mr Grant, Mr Hayes and Mr Shephard who I thought was wonderful!!!
    Remember the running round the reservoir for games. The games teacher was Miss Wilkinson. I lived on the Ladybrook Estate and walked to school every day via The Quortex. Loved sports day and hockey competitions. Such happy memories.

    By Barbara Stacey(Sheffield) (25/06/2021)
  • Similar memories. Took my GCEs in 1957. Still think respectfully of Mr Davis (physics) and Mr Branston (chemistry). Mr Palfreman was Head when I started, then Radford. Still have that long whole school photo with all those teachers from 1956.

    By Malcolm Hancock (18/09/2020)
  • I’m seven years younger Geoff. I lived on Grange Avenue – opposite the Quartex. I remember the Nissan huts but I think they had possibly disappeared before I got to be an appropriate age. We lived next door to the Lees family. The son, Brian, was older than me and I seem to remember he went to the Tech. Don’t know if that name is familiar to you ?
    After attending High Oakham secondary, I went on to Sherwood Hall to do my A levels. The teachers you speak of are all recognisable to me as I guess that’s where they moved to when the Nissan huts closed. Radford was headmaster and bulldog taught me physics.

    By Peter Bond (16/08/2020)

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