Memories of St. Philips approx 1967

St. Philips School Class photo approx 1967

This is my class at St Philips neri’s R.C. school in Mansfield in approximately 1967. Does anyone remember me or my classmates or perhaps Friends or Relations. I do remember some names but can you remember anyone else or share your memories of this time at St Philips. You may be able to correct any name spellings errors.
Back row left to right. Sister Anne. Tony Chapman. ?. Paul Fisher. ?. Peter Ball. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. Gary Childs. Eugene Lee (Headmaster)
Second row L to R. ?. ?. ?. Jan-t Sobolewski. Teresa Jurkin. Yvonne Olkowski. Hilary Flanagan. ?. ?. ?. ?. Gary Child.
Third row L to R. June Moore. Michelle Todd. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. Linda Muldoon. ?.
Front Row. ?. ?. Julian Smith. Jimmy Shannon. Chris Chidlow. Kevin Fegan. ?. ?. John Sharpe.

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  • Catherine Clay (Taylor), we were in the same class at St Philips! I remember you and your family well. Other friends in our class included Helen Stenson and Bridie Callaghan. I remember going to Brownies in the school hall, and we had a lovely class teacher Mrs Kemp when we were all about 10 in 1974 – did a lot of music and craft projects with her I recall, and she also did guitar lessons.
    I moved away from Mansfield in 1975, but many happy memories of those primary school days.

    By Belinda Copson (nee Britton) (25/02/2023)
  • I think the boy 4th child away from Mr Lee the Head Teacher is my brother Peter Taylor, who was a friend of Peter Ball. I also remember Paul Fisher as I was in the same class as his youngest brother Patrick. I remember Julian Smith as his mum was a dinner lady at St Philips and lived next door to my Grandma on Kaye Rd.
    We lived on Bancroft Lane. I was born in 1964 and also went to St Philip’s. In my first class I remember the rocking horse and I remember Sister Assumpta, Sister Philomena and Mr Lee. The dining hall where the picture was taken was used on a Monday evening for Brownies.

    By Catherine Clay ( nee Taylor) (29/01/2023)
  • Sister Mary Phillamena was also at St Philip Neri. Sister Mary Peter was Deputy Head at St Bedes, she was quite nice (if you were in her drama group)!

    By Joe Naisbitt (22/09/2021)
  • Remember me? Kevin Booth

    By Booth (03/06/2021)
  • I think I may have been in the following year class, I recognise some of the names and vaguely their faces. My name was Sharon Phelan

    By Sharon (09/02/2021)
  • I remember sister Assumpta. She was lovely. But I also remember being very scared of Sister Mary Peter. Very strict! Mr Lee was the Headmaster at St Phillips when I was there. And Mr Grey at St Bedes. We were the Egginton family.

    By Penelope Seymour (19/12/2020)
  • I was at St Philips from 1969 onwards. I think the nun in the picture is Sister Assumpta. The story I remember is that she later changed her name to Sister Anne.

    By Belinda Copson (18/10/2020)
  • I believe the nun in the photograph is Sister Assumpta who taught the upper stream in the 4th year.

    By Edward Baginski (26/05/2020)

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