Christmas 1937 - - Going to the Cinema

Did you go to see a film over the Christmas period? Here are some old adverts discovered courtesy of the British Newspaper Archive. They will hopefully take some of you down ‘memory lane’ by recalling the cinema’s, the films and the film stars. Note that one film star at ‘The Empire’ was Victor Maclaglen, he used to visit his sister and brother in law Doctor and Mrs Tweedie who once lived at Sherwood Hall. He is also remembered for going for a drink at the Ravensdale pub.

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  • Interesting, I wasn’t around in ’37 but remember all the cinemas mentioned. Seen films in all of them I think, and also recall some of the old ‘stars’ of the shows. I believe the Hippodrome later became the ‘Century’ a Bingo Hall in later years?
    I also recall the Tivoli cinema in Woodhouse, long gone now from all accounts. Lost count of the actors who have played Robin Hood over the years but Errol Flynn is maybe a good start?

    By Steeve Cee. (29/11/2021)

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