Old Stockwell Gate before demolition

Stockwell Gate

Old Stockwell Gate as we knew it around the late 60’s early 70’s from one’s collection before demolition took place . Maybe some Mansfield Folk will remember the empty shops now long gone .

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  • Anyone on here know what was previously on the site prior to the building of the Four Seasons shopping centre and multi storey carpark? Warehousing? Factories? Housing?

    By Andrew (27/11/2021)
  • Thanks Alan, the memory hasn’t clicked in yet, and my sister (now 78 & 8 years older then me) shopped there, but again the name doesn’t ring a bell with her.

    By David Holt (14/10/2020)
  • Hello David, I have several photos of this area of Stockwell Gate in the sixties. There is the Wheatsheaf pub (which it is still there) and long gone G E Mount Hardware and Tools, but I think the shop you are referring to was Gunners china, glass & fancy stores.

    By Alan Bridges (11/10/2020)
  • I wonder if any of you contributors can help me with the name of shop? I think it was opposite the shops that Alan describes as up the paved ramp (where as Sherwood Hall schoolboys we tried to buy “top shelf” magazines for the bus trip on the 61 back to Kirkby). The shop sold crockery and that is where, in 1973, we started our collection of Denby which we still use to to this day marooned here in Norfolk. What was its name?

    By David Holt (03/10/2020)
  • Hello Peter and Alan, Thank you for your very kind comments. Peter yes Babyfair was opposite side of the Street and the Co-op electrical were further down as you say together with the Co-op cafe run by Bill Bridgewater many years ago.

    By Mr Graham Burton (former Woodus Lad) (01/10/2020)
  • Hello again Graham. I seem to remember a toy shop, I think it was called Babyfair being somewhere in that area. Also the Coop electrical department was there I think. Two of my uncles worked there. Hope my memory is still as good as it was.

    By Pete Higgins (30/09/2020)
  • I remember this scene very well Graham, we lived about five minute’s walk from here. The temporary shops up the paved ramp are on the right, and just out of shot back towards the town centre was the Co-op cafe where I had some great Christmas party nights with the cyclists’ touring club in the sixties.

    By Alan Bridges (15/09/2020)

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