Strictly Dancing 1962.

Gabriel Osborne School of Dancing 1962

Gabriel Osborne School of Dancing studio was originally housed above a garage at the market end of Station Road. Some years later it did move. I think to the old employment offices at the bottom of Victoria Street? This picture was taken on the 23rd December 1962 (above the garage). It’s one of many awards evenings where young dancers received their medals. Gabriel Osborne is the lady stood mid left with the flowers. Remember Friday night was social night where even a bit of disco was allowed. Happy Days.

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  • Hello Jenny
    Definitely testing the little grey cells. Here are a few names I can recall 🤞🤞 they are correct 😊
    Front row
    Lesley ?, Zena Bowler, Ann Squire, ?, Janice Mayfield, Elaine Goodhall (not sure),
    The next row of boys from Left David Brown, Andy Brown, ?, Tony Eggington
    I think Gabriel’s sister was called Ann and Gabriel’s married name was Payne.
    I remember the ballroom over the garage had dance shoe boxes down the wall – mine was No 4 😂😂 – things you remember

    By Ann Driver (15/06/2020)
  • Hello Ann,
    I think you’re right, Gabriel’s daughter was called Rosemary, not Ann.
    I’ve found you now in the photo, I remember your face but couldn’t have put a name to it. Can you remember any more names from the front row? I think starting from the left, is Lesley (kneeling), Zena, you, ? Janice, Elaine, Jennifer, Margaret and me on the end. Unfortunately I can’t remember any surnames and may be completely wrong with the first ones too.

    By Jenny Wright (15/06/2020)
  • Hello Jenny
    Yes, I certainly remember the nerves on exam day, waiting behind the refreshments bar. I think Gabriel’s daughter was called Rosemary. I am in the picture 6 years old, sat down on the left, 3rd along front row, (Shirley Temple perm 🤦‍♀️ )

    By Ann Driver (14/06/2020)
  • Hello Ann,
    I’m the girl sitting on the front row, far right, Jennifer Frost as I was then, and I was 8 when this photo was taken in 1962 and I have the same photo.
    Given my age, I think I had just been awarded my bronze medal for ballroom dancing, I went on to gain my silver, gold and first gold bar at Gabriel Osborne’s School of Dancing, but never made it to get that coveted statuette for third gold bar.
    I’m sure I’ve still got my certificates somewhere, but haven’t managed to unearth them after a quick search.
    I think Gabriel’s daughter, who I seem to remember helped to run the school, is the lady standing in the middle of the second row down, she has dark hair and is wearing a large brooch on her left shoulder. Unfortunately I can’t remember her name, possibly Ann? Neither can I remember the names of any of the other pupils, possibly the odd first name, but no surnames.
    I enjoyed my time at the school and well remember going up the stairs to the ballroom above, although I can’t remember the disco socials, perhaps my mum whisked me off home to bed beforehand.
    On examination days the nerves were incredible while we waited for our turn to dance before the external examiners, all the girls had new dresses, usually with several net petticoats underneath to fluff the skirt out. I was never a girly girl, but loved the dress I’m wearing in the photo, made by my mum.
    I think I would still have been at the school when the second photo was taken in 1964 but can’t see myself in it, possibly there may have been several award evenings per year. Are you in either of the photos?

    By Jenny Wright (05/06/2020)

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