Broomhill and rosemary school's in the fifties

Broomhill Junior School in the early fifties
Rosemary Senior School in the Mid fifties
Pupils names at Rosemary Senior School in the mid fifties

This is my dear late sister Pamala Bridges class photo at Broomhill Junior School in the early fifties, she is on the third row from the back on the immediate left. Perhaps someone could be more precise with the date. As I am 18 months younger and went to different school’s I do recognize a few faces but can anyone remember their classmates names. The second photo is my sisters senior class at Rosemary school in the mid fifties she wrote the names on the back of the photo, were you in her class? In later life I worked with Brian Randall on B.T. and was a neighbour of Sandra Bennett.

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  • I think Sandra Bennett could be my mum. Lived on Beck Crescent at the time.

    By Kwiv (11/05/2022)
  • Went there in 1963-4, came from Scotland, worst school ever, eventually went to Ladybrook, much more civilised. Visited Mansfield last week, brought back good and bad memories.

    By John riggs (25/08/2021)
  • Broomhill School headmaster was Mr. Burton, far right in the picture. The third boy on his left I think is John Wetton, whose mother was a teacher in the infants school.

    By Trevor Randall (09/08/2021)
  • The girl sat next to Pat Lane in the photo not pictured is I think, if I remember correctly, Brenda Sparham. She had a sister Ruby who was in a year or two above us.

    By brian randle (10/03/2021)
  • The two missing names on the photo are, Norman Evans and Brian Mayes

    By Brian Randle (01/03/2021)

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