Old Church on Stockwell Gate.

Old Church on Stockwell Gate

This old Church on Stockwell Gate was taken by myself in the early ’70s. Can anyone put a name to the Church and how long it stood on this site/area before demolition took place ?

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  • Hello Graham,
    Just a further update on the Baptist Chapel on Stockwell Gate. I had a look for the plaque yesterday and couldn’t find it, from the picture I found on the internet it looked like it was on the retaining wall of the car park, formerly the old bus station.
    I did find what looked like a rather tatty wooden plaque on the wall behind the steps leading up to the car park, but there was nothing on it. I wonder if its been removed (don’t know when the internet photo was taken), stolen or dropped off of its own accord.

    By Jenny Wright (29/11/2019)
  • Not sure Graham, I found the picture in a book I’m currently reading, ‘Mansfield, a view from the Market Place’ the diaries of William Moss (available from the Museum, just a little plug) and thought that’s the building you’d put on the site, did a bit of Googling and found a picture on line of the plaque. On the plaque it says ‘The Baptist Cause moved to the new Church Centre in March 1974’ but doesn’t say where that was.
    Can anyone else help please?

    By Jenny Wright (25/11/2019)
  • Thank you for your comment Jenny, nice to reminisce on old photographs of building’s long gone in what was a different town in that era when I took the photograph ,and demolished to make way for what we have in the town today. Would I be right in saying the new Baptist Chapel moved to the far end of Rosemary Street ? .

    By Mr Graham Burton (former" Woodus Lad ") (25/11/2019)
  • Yes, it was originally the Wesleyan Church and I think it dates back to around 1791.
    In July 1815 it was sold and became the first Baptist Chapel in Mansfield. Apparently there is a plaque on Stockwell Gate commemorating it, must have a look next time I’m in Mansfield. I think it was demolished around 1974.

    By Jenny Wright (25/11/2019)

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