Argosy Players at the Palace Theatre

Very little appears to be known about the weekly repertory plays at the Palace Theatre in Mansfield. The Argosy Players, headed by a wonderful red-headed lady named Malyon Macaulay (think that’s how her name was spelled), presented a different play every week and I, in my teens, religiously attended every Monday night.
Does anyone else have similar memories?

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  • I went to see the Argosy Players every Friday night with my mother and Anne Housley, and her mother, who also lived on Grange Avenue. It must have been around 1948. I remember we always sat in the circle front row and the price was one shilling and threepence.
    They were an excellent company, better than their successors the Fortescue Players.
    If anyone knows what happened to my friend Anne Housley I would love to know. She was also a Brunts scholar.

    By Rex Mirfin (25/09/2019)

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