Mansfield School's Choir Competition

Ravensdale School Choir 1959

l am on the left, in short trousers! I knew it was 1959, this being my first year at Ravo, after coming from Carter Lane School. I only stayed in short trousers for a couple of months. The other boy on the right in short trousers, is Philip Brooks. I think the tall girl, behind the girl in the checked skirt is Christine Turner. Not certain about names of any others. Can anyone shed a light on names? I think this was the first time Ravo, sent a choir to the Mansfield School’s Choir Competition, which was held at the Civic Theatre.

John Blunt

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  • Thanks John,
    Mr Tucker, yes there were two, father and son. Mr T., (senior) was certainly there in my time, smallish chap who had a little car, a Baby Austin as they were called back then. His son as I recall was teaching at Newgate Lane School at one time and yes I remember him also as that was my school much earlier.

    ‘Ravo’ in my day? Mr Foden, Mr Fareham, Miss Paxman, just those who are instantly memorable for now! By the way, no school uniform in my day, ’56 to ’58 ish. Enjoyed the school but wasn’t really a fan of the then HEAD, i.e. Mr S. as mentioned.

    By Steeve Cee (24/02/2022)
  • Hi Steve, so when l first started a Ravo, l believe Mr. Spolton was the Head. However, as far as l can remember Mr. Tucker was brought in after a couple of months. This was due to it being a difficult school! I remember he wanted all scholars to wear a uniform and take pride in attending the school. This he achieved. It was a wonderful school – happy days and memories.

    By John Blant (09/02/2022)
  • You have got my author name correct (John Blant). But on my comments it gives my surname as Blunt! Can you amend this to Blant?

    By John Blant (09/02/2022)
  • Sorry I missed it having left the school at Christmas of 1958. I enjoyed my two years there. Was Mr Spolton still the Headmaster in 1959? Fine photo and happy memories for many people either way. Thanks.

    By Steeve Cee (04/02/2022)

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