Mansfield Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for Girls in 1944

Mansfield Queen Elizabeth Grammar School for Girls in 1944.
This is a photo from 1944 of the whole school. My mother, Sylvia Tattersall (later to become Turner when she married), who is now 89, was 13 at the time of the photograph. There is a small mark on the photo to show where she is.

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  • Thanks for this. My mum Joyce Rice (became Hornsby) is also on this picture aged 14. She had been evacuated from Shoeburyness. Sadly she died in 2019. Amazingly I have a large physical version of this photo. I found this picture via Google.

    By Steve Hornsby (30/08/2023)
  • That’s great Christopher. I’m pleased that you were able to find your mum on the photo.
    My mum Sylvia died in December 2020 two months after her 90th birthday.

    By Paul Turner (15/01/2023)
  • Just by coincidence whilst attempting to find out more historic knowledge pertaining to my mother’s past and thrilled to land on this school photo and find my beloved mother, probably her last year at the school before embarking on her studies at Nottingham University.

    By Christopher Michael Ryan (04/02/2022)

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