Memories of Old Mansfield

Junction of Stockwell Gate/Belevdere Street/Rosemary Street.

Junction of Rosemary Street / Belvedere Street/ in traffic all those years ago when traffic came up Stockwell Gate to go either straight on or turn right or left .Empire still standing as is a I think what was a furniture shop or was it a bike repair shop ,across the road. Photo taken by myself around the 60’s early 70’s.Hope it jogs a few memories for the Mansfield folk.

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  • Can anyone tell me where I can get info/records from the old boys reformatory school that was in Mansfield in the late 1950’s & early 1960’s ? Thanks in advance.

    By Judy T. (28/04/2020)
  • Thank you “Mansfield Lad” Alan Bridges, please check out new picture of same junction but across the road, more shops long gone sadly,but maybe the Mansfield folk may remember the Old Shops with interest. Thanks again Mansfield Lad.

    By Mr G.Burton (former Woodus Ld) (27/03/2020)
  • This photo of the old Empire has special memories for me as I lived about half a mile from here on Bancroft Lane.
    As youngsters we went to the Saturday morning children’s club and if we had seen a western we would play Cowboys and Indians all the way home.
    Past the empire there were several shops, one was a newsagents and I recall one was a hardware shop with large stone steps up to the door. The steps were used to display galvanised tin baths, buckets, washboards and old style washing items.
    The corner opposite the Red Lion, where the small ASDA is now, was overgrown wasteland in the early fifties. Later, public toilets were built here which were handy as a lot of the buses back then used the area around the Shoe Co. as the main start/stop for Mansfield.
    The opposite side of the road as you say was a furniture shop, and past this was a confectionery shop next to A&C Sports cycle shop where I bought my first racing bike from.
    Before I left school I had a job in Mansfield delivering groceries. Friday night was pay day and on the way home I called at A&C Sports to put money onto my card to save for a Paramount racing bike, they were personally made for you by the shop and back then they were a must have bike. Then, as I was flushed with money, I went round the corner to Jack Snacks for a chip cob.
    Well thanks Mr Burton (Woodus Lad), it brought back happy memories for a Mansfield (Lad)

    By Alan Bridges (19/02/2020)
  • On the corner was The Belle View pub, a very large building. I knew Sarah Hawley who ran it, although when I knew her she was 80 plus, she ran the Black Boy on the Market years before, her sister I knew well, Dorothy Hinton who ran the Eight Bells.

    By Mark Wilson (03/08/2019)

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