Robert Farrow - Local Amateur Artist

Harvest by R Farrow
Mansfield Museum
Extract from Top Hat and Servants Tales, a century of life on Somerlayton estate by Ann Gander Pg 1
Extract fromTop Hat and Servants Tales, a century of life on Somerlayton estate by Ann Gander Pg2
Extract from note by Rob Farrow
Rob Farrow's home.

Here at the Museum we have had an enquiry from a lady looking for information on her uncle who was called Robert Farrow. He was born 1879 in Suffolk and died in Clipstone in 1972 and was a local amateur artist. The Museum has one painting by him that was purchased by the Mansfield Corporation in March 1954 for £2-2-0. The Accession Register also states that he died on 4 Jan 1972 aged 92. As with many talented amateur artists there are no other records.

The other facts known by his niece are that he seems to have been quite an educated man of his time. See the extract from Top Hat and Servants Tales, a century of life on Somerlayton estate by Ann Gander. There is also a photo of the house he was born in and a copy of a much read extract of a note written by him which I copied years ago.

Can anyone add any more information about this interesting man?


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  • Jenny Wright, sorry just saw this comment about Robert. I’m in Australia so I cant join the Library but would love to hear from anyone who is connected. I was born in Mansfield. Regards

    Cathy Bennett

    By Cathy Bennett (18/09/2021)
  • Robert Farrow was my grandfather. He had three children,Francis,Maurice & Dorothy. My father was Francis, named after Robert’s twin brother. I was the only daughter & neither Maurice nor Dorothy had any children.

    By Ailine Sunderland (nee Farrow ) (13/06/2019)
  • Hello Cathy,
    I don’t know if you are interested in your family history in general, or if its just your great uncle who has sparked your interest, also don’t know if you’re local or not.
    There are some good family history websites available where you may learn more about Rob Farrow and his family. All the libraries in the Mansfield area subscribe to one site and it is free to access providing you hold a library card. I don’t know about other areas of the country, but would think they may have something similar.
    It is possible that his children or grand children still live in the Mansfield area, if so they may have more information, or even paintings, if you can track them down.

    By Jenny Wright (16/02/2019)
  • Fantastic information about my great -uncle. I am really happy to find one of his paintings. Thank you

    By Cathy Bennett (29/01/2019)

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