Cupits Shop Clipstone - Then & Now

This early photo (not dated) shows Cupits & Needhams shops at the beginning of Clipstone village possibly in the 1920’s.  Bill Cupit (shopkeeper) was related to the Cupits of Forest Town but we have no information on the Needhams. Does anybody have more information?

The second photo was taken in December 2018.

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  • I lived in Lime Grove, Forest Town, but prior to that lived with my parents on Beaumont Avenue off Big Barn Lane. There was a family that lived next door called the Grundys, who if I remember correctly, there was Joan, Dennis and I have forgotten the other name, would Joan Grundy be the same as the one at Clipstone?

    By Patricia Davies (01/07/2020)
  • This is a letter received from Robert Tranter, a couple of years ago, regarding Needham’s shop — ‘In the 1940/50s Bill and Kate had a newsagent and shop adjacent to the field where the pub ws built, on the Mansfield side. Kate ran the shop and Bill ws a postman. They had three children – Kathleen, Joan and Margaret.
    My mother was Kate’s sister. When we went to visit my sister and I and Margaret played on the field. We used to walk down to the stream. I used to go in the shed at the back of the shed, where they kept the papers, and read all the comics.
    I don’t know what happened to the shop as I left the area in 1956.
    Kathleen (Fitch) lived in a prefab. Joan (Burton) lived on the main road. Margaret ( Bacon) has a shop (Grundy’s) in Forest Town. Kate and Bill eventually lived in a prefab. Kathleen died, Joan still lives in the village. Margaret went to live in Australia.’

    By Elizabeth Weston on behalf of Robert Tranter (17/12/2019)
  • I am a bit too young to remember Cupits, but I do remember Needhams, next door. I was born in 1955, and lived on Central Drive next to the Cat pub. Me and my Mum would walk over the back, to the main road where we would come out next to this shop. Before I started work I had a saturday and sunday morning job working for Mr & Mrs Kelly who had the shop as a green grocer .

    By pamela kitchen (02/05/2019)

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