Girls Grammar School, Mansfield

Girls Grammar School, Mansfield

Barbara Butler has kindly sent in this photograph of The Girl’s Grammar School.

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  • Thanks for that ladies, I must have passed it many times having worked in the area for several years, long ago of course.

    By Steeve Cee (05/08/2022)
  • The old house you referred to was called the Cedars when I was there. It housed the 1st years and usually at least one of the 6th form year, probably to keep an eye on us sproggs, as well as an art classroom upstairs. There used to be a wooden building attached to it called the hut, where we had our milk and could play in bad weather. I’m not sure whether the Cedars has now been converted to housing as well, or whether it’s lying empty.
    There was also another large brick house further up, in the school grounds, called Elmfields where we used to do needlework, that’s now been demolished and new housing has replaced it.

    By Jenny Wright (03/08/2022)
  • I was at QUEGGS as it was called in 1978-1981, the sunken pond was there then. The older building which contained reception, head teacher’s office and staff rooms being part of it on Woodhouse Road end.
    Over the back there was, and still is, a old house stood on its own, upstairs used to be the arts class room when I was there. It’s still there as it is a listed building.

    By Jaqui Taylor (03/08/2022)
  • The school is Queen Elizabeth’s Girls Grammar on Woodhouse Road. The photo shows a view across the quad, and going from left to right, the hall, with the covered way ( which allowed us to move from one side of the building to the other without getting wet in bad weather). In the corner was the dining room, then classrooms on the ground floor and the science labs above. Jutting out on the far right, and only just visible, was the gym.
    The original part of the school, visible from Woodhouse Road, are listed, stone buildings, and have remained, although the buildings shown in the photo, which were newer, were demolished some years ago, (can’t remember exactly when) and the site was turned into a housing estate.
    The original buildings along Woodhouse Road have also been converted into flats/apartments I believe.
    Sorry, can’t help with the date of the photo, although I can confirm that it’s definitely pre 1965, as that’s the date I started there. When I was there there was a sunken fishpond in the centre of the quad, which I can’t see on the photo, perhaps it was added at a later date.

    By Jenny Wright (27/07/2022)
  • Is the building still standing? I don’t recall it or the address of this school. Any idea of the date the picture was taken please? Thanks.

    By Steeve Cee (30/06/2022)

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