School Photo of QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963

QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 1
QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 2
QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 3
QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 4

I have scanned the school photo taken at the end of my first year at QEGS in 1963. I am 2nd from the left on the front row on photo 4. My brother Tony was in the top year and a prefect. He is 5th from the left on the 3rd row from the front (seated) on photo 4. On photo 2 is the head boy, Mark Patmore. He is seated on the 3rd row from the front and is 2nd from the left.

On photo 2 after Mark Patmore the teaching staff are seated. Going left to right and giving the subject that they taught me are : ? ; ? ; ? ; Mr Crisp (Mathematics) ; Mr Horsley ( Geography) ; Mr Grew (French) ; ? ; Mr Christie (Latin) ; ? ; Mr Tilston (Art) ; ? ; Two school secretaries ; Mr Rigley ; Mr Patmore (History) ; Mr Hunter ( Deputy Head Master) ; Mr Boulton ( Head Master ; RE) ; Mr Burgess .

On photo 3 on the same row left to right after Mr Burgess are : Mr Martin (Woodwork) ; Mr Exton (Mathematics) ; Mr Hill (Biology) ; Mr Froggett (PE) ; Mr Roberts ( Mathematics & RE) ; Mr Taylor (German) ; Mr Frith (Chemistry & Physics) ; ? ; Mr Hammond (Mathematics) ; Dr Wheater (English) ; ? ; Mr Rosslyn (French) .

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  • I am on this photograph, section 1, 5th row from the front, but my face is not visible, as I am turned slightly to my right, talking to my pal John Lee. Obviously not a very competent photographer, or he would have spotted me and made sure I was facing front!
    Photo taken just before we did “ O’ levels. I recognise Perrons on the end of our row, Dave Needle, Chris (?) Jenkins , A R King, Dave Smith, Pearson, Shooter, Topp, and Townsend. In picture 2, I spot Alan Woodward, who later played football professionally, and Ian Thomas, who I am still in touch with. I did have a copy of LOB’s History of the school, but it seems to have disappeared during one of our many house moves.
    Thanks for posting the pictures.

    By David Morris (29/05/2021)

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