School Photo of QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963

QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 1
QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 2
QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 3
QEGS for Boys Mansfield May 1963 photo 4

I have scanned the school photo taken at the end of my first year at QEGS in 1963. I am 2nd from the left on the front row on photo 4. My brother Tony was in the top year and a prefect. He is 5th from the left on the 3rd row from the front (seated) on photo 4. On photo 2 is the head boy, Mark Patmore. He is seated on the 3rd row from the front and is 2nd from the left.

On photo 2 after Mark Patmore the teaching staff are seated. Going left to right and giving the subject that they taught me are : ? ; ? ; ? ; Mr Crisp (Mathematics) ; Mr Horsley ( Geography) ; Mr Grew (French) ; ? ; Mr Christie (Latin) ; ? ; Mr Tilston (Art) ; ? ; Two school secretaries ; Mr Rigley ; Mr Patmore (History) ; Mr Hunter ( Deputy Head Master) ; Mr Boulton ( Head Master ; RE) ; Mr Burgess .

On photo 3 on the same row left to right after Mr Burgess are : Mr Martin (Woodwork) ; Mr Exton (Mathematics) ; Mr Hill (Biology) ; Mr Froggett (PE) ; Mr Roberts ( Mathematics & RE) ; Mr Taylor (German) ; Mr Frith (Chemistry & Physics) ; ? ; Mr Hammond (Mathematics) ; Dr Wheater (English) ; ? ; Mr Rosslyn (French) .

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  • Ah yes. Geoffrey Eyre, aka Tablet, started 1962, younger brother of Tony Eyre, aka Tab.
    How the master could possibly have misheard ‘Eyre’ for ‘Ear’ on Tony’s first day will forever be a mystery, but was the foundation of 12 years of a nickname..

    By Neil Vann (10/04/2023)
  • What a surprise to see my name mentioned. When I came to QEGS, I was separated from all my junior school friends who were less fortunate and went to Brunts. David Morris and I became friends on that first day in 1958(?) because we were both on our own.
    Remember that first day and climbing those steps to Shell G.
    Many happy memories of those days even though I didn’t appreciate it at the time.
    I will try to name a few more in that classic photograph later.
    I have no idea how to make contact through this site, but it would be good to catch up with Dave Morris again.

    By John Lee (06/07/2021)
  • I am on this photograph, section 1, 5th row from the front, but my face is not visible, as I am turned slightly to my right, talking to my pal John Lee. Obviously not a very competent photographer, or he would have spotted me and made sure I was facing front!
    Photo taken just before we did “ O’ levels. I recognise Perrons on the end of our row, Dave Needle, Chris (?) Jenkins , A R King, Dave Smith, Pearson, Shooter, Topp, and Townsend. In picture 2, I spot Alan Woodward, who later played football professionally, and Ian Thomas, who I am still in touch with. I did have a copy of LOB’s History of the school, but it seems to have disappeared during one of our many house moves.
    Thanks for posting the pictures.

    By David Morris (29/05/2021)

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