Memories of Stockwell Gate

Stockwell Gate early 70's

Another look at the shops on Stockwell Gate from ones collection from looking down from the Wheatsheaf pub .I’m sure the Mansfield folk will remember these shops including the “Crown Pub” etc.

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  • Gunners china shop is the one next to Cresswells, they had a closing down sale in the seventies and we bought several Spode plates which we still have.

    By philip tatley (05/11/2021)
  • Hi Glenn, the shop probably did move location as most of the items we bought would have been around 1974, the year we married. Susan still has jewellery I bought for her but it’s dated so like your kaftan no longer worn. A “trendy” coil stainless steel letter rack still works!

    By David Holt (07/10/2021)
  • Hi Dave, Cornucopia was definitely a few doors up from the Crowne in 1970- 71. In late 71 I left the town for a while and cannot recall it being there after my return in 72 so the shop must have moved location.

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (07/10/2021)
  • Hi David, Perhaps I got the name of the shop wrong, it is a long time ago, but the shop I bought my kaftan, Joss sticks etc., from was a single width shop a few doors up from the Crowne. It would be 1970 – 71, no later. Maybe the shop moved.. I left Mansfield to live for a time in Edinburgh in 71 and don’t recall seeing the shop after my return in 73. By then my kaftan phase was over 🙂 Your still having stuff from that time is impressive, I don’t think I have anything from that time apart from faded photographs and warped LP’s 🙂

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (07/10/2021)
  • Glenn, I bought a number of items from Cornucopia back in the 1970’s and we still have them. Although I left the area in 1978 my memory tells me that Cornucopia was in the top corner of Westgate not Stockwell Gate.

    By David Holt (05/10/2021)
  • In the early 70’s, just out of shot of this picture was a shop called Cornucopia which sold imported ethnic type stuff, silver jewellery, joss sticks, patchouli oil, kaftans, beads, Afghan coats etc. It was the only shop of its kind in the town back then and was cleverly situated to attract the hippies and art students that frequented the Crowne Hostelry at that time. I bought my one and only kaftan there.

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (04/10/2021)
  • I can’t imagine Stockwell Gate looking like an actual road. I worked for F.A Henshaw’s House Furnishers, just a few doors out of shot, from 2002-2004. Not many businesses in Mansfield go back as far as Henshaw’s does. TK

    By Thom Kay (17/09/2021)
  • Sorry Graham, don’t recognise any more shops on the photo, maybe they were all closing – no pedestrians either! I do however recall the ‘Belle Vue’ pub up the road a bit, long demolished of course. Spent my 21st in there….Many moons ago!

    By Steeve Cee (28/10/2020)

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