Can you help date and identify these images


The Old Mansfield Society are looking for help in identifying where these images were taken and the date? can you help ?

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  • Top photo Mansfield Shoe Company about 1983 in the Closing room where I worked

    By Maxine Boot (12/11/2023)
  • My husband managed Meridian on Belvedere Street – was a fab place to work at. His mother and father worked there and so did my mum when it was Foister Clay and Ward.

    By Tracey Key (11/10/2023)
  • The factory off Newgate Lane referred to here was in fact on Redcliffe Road and close to Gladstone Street also off Newgate Lane. As a child I recall the commotion outside ‘Foisters’ when workmen were moving heavy machinery in and out of the factory premises. Quite exciting to watch for a young schoolboy back in the fifties.
    Not to much traffic around back then but the road was often closed for a while anyway.

    By Steeve Cee (14/02/2023)
  • It’s very difficult to pinpoint the location of the pictures, but the picture on the left I think shows overlock machinists in the production of knitwear. The interior of the room – especially the windows – resembles the former Foister Clay and Ward, later Meridian, factory on Belvedere Street, which also had a canteen. They produced knitwear after first under FCW producing fully fashioned stockings in the post war boom in stocking manufacture. They also had a factory off Newgate Lane.
    Maybe one of the ladies in the pictures might recognise themselves to pinpoint the pictures more accurately.

    By Robert Throw (17/12/2021)

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