Entrance and Yard to Arthur Richardson & Son Ltd Wholesale Grocers.

Old Stockwell Gate ,60's/70's era

This photograph taken by myself in the 60’s/70’s depicts the yard/entrance to the company called Arthur Richardson and Son Ltd of which was on Stockwell Gate ,in between then I think a shop called Babyfair or Babyland and the Crown Hostel pub.
The company then were a wholesale grocers of whom delivered to grocery shops who sold products with the “Mace” logo .From this area due to redevelopment of the town they moved to Chesterfield Road behind I think then behind the Everson’s Garage .

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  • Hello Barbara, So nice to think that with just a photograph taken some years ago now brings happy memories for yourself and for yourself being over the pond shall we say, I was pleased it helped in some way.
    The company themselves used to deliver to shops with the Mace logo as it was then, how times have changed, we have few big companies now. Thanks once again and glad to be of some help to you

    By Mr Graham Burton (former Woodus Lad) (19/02/2021)
  • During the Covid 19 lockdown in Melbourne Australia, I updated my family tree and it was a lovely surprise to find your picture when I searched Arthur Richardson & Son to add into his place of work, thankyou.
    I remember in the 1950s my Grandfather Charles Morrison was a Commercial Traveller for Arthur Richardson & Son Ltd. He had a black car with running boards to do his job. He was given some shares in the company and I was impressed when he showed me the share certificate he had.

    By Barbara Smith (23/01/2021)
  • Thank you for your comment Michael, so pleased the photograph brought back memories for you. Regarding the Babyland shop, I to thought they had a shop as you say and the side of the entrance/yard. I think in later years this shop became a paint and wallpaper shop run by the Co-operative Society of which later on in years they moved to Westgate in the town. So nice to turn the clock back to yesteryear of which we call today our nostalgia years.

    By Mr G Burton (former" Woodus Lad " (16/04/2019)
  • I read the article about Arthur Richardson and Son with personal interest as my late father was employed at the company for many years and became the area manager for Mace Marketing with the company.
    I visited the offices with my mother and recall walking up the vehicle entrance on Stockwell Gate by the side of the Crown Hostelry (owned by Mr. & Mrs. Emms) and later in the 50’s I believe Babyland opened a shop by the side of the vehicle entrance. Pedestrian access to the premises could also be gained from Quaker Walk, which ran from Queen St. alongside the Quaker Chapel to Belvedere St. Opposite the chapel there was an iron gate which led to steps down into the rear of Richardson’s premises.
    The company moved premises in the mid-50’s to the rear of Evinsons Garage and showroom( formerly the Portland Motor Company on Westgate)
    Further down Stockwell Gate there was an entrance yard to the Kings Head (which today would have been a listed building). To one side of the entrance was Caunts Cafe which I think later became The Friar Tuck cafe and the other side of the entrance was Lowes butchers shop.

    By Michael Parkin (13/04/2019)
  • Thanks for that Alan, yes I think you’re right about Babyland shop, can’t think made way when Richardson’s were demolished? Town centre developments maybe.

    By Mr G Burton (former" Woodus Lad " (28/03/2019)
  • Sorry , should read Handley Arcade. I believe Mother Care had an effect on Babyland’s business , I recollect that they moved our of the arcade at a later date.

    By alan curtis (27/03/2019)
  • Babyland was at the top of Leeming Street in the Handley Arcade. For some years the building on the left of the entrance to Richardson’s Wholesalers was ” The Friar Tuck Café “. It looks like the road leading to them was at one time ” Midland Road “. The Building to the rear of the picture was the Hosiery Factory..

    By alan curtis (27/03/2019)

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