Old Radcliffe Gate early 70's

Radcliffe Gate early 70's

Old Radcliffe Gate, Mansfield,  as people may remember this area taken early 70’s .

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  • The nightclub at the bottom of Ratcliffe Gate was called Gatsby’s, it’s now the Modhu Mitha Indian restaurant.

    By Andy Wagstaff (03/02/2023)
  • Night club was called Malambret for some time.

    By Sue Winchurst (31/12/2022)
  • What was the night club called on the right hand side at the bottom of Ratcliffe Gate?

    By Neil Sheppard (06/01/2022)
  • Just for interest I now believe that the pub I mentioned, (on that right hand corner), is / was, probably the ‘Kings Arms’, ( having passed the ‘Brown Cow’ just up Ratcliffe Gate.) The pubs were always good reference points for offering visitors directions. Mansfield had a host of pubs. Many have closed down, and / or been demolished over these many years, as I’m sure, we are all aware.

    By Steeve Cee (25/10/2020)
  • Thank you for your comments Steeve, yes the photograph depicts how just part of the Town used to be. Sadly progress one might say took over and bridges etc are no more.

    By Mr.G .Burton former Woodus Lad (24/10/2020)
  • Another interesting picture, I know the area well having walked up and down Ratcliffe Gate many times. Turn right onto Newgate Lane (one of my old schools). Can’t recall the name of the pub to the right of the photo, although heading up toward Newgate Lane the Carpenters Arms was located on the left side of the road.
    Typical bridge repair / maint / demolition of the time, no visible PPE and no safety handrails atop the bridge. Times change of course!
    I lived in this vicinity as a child, a considerable number of years ago. Once again happy memories emphasised further by the attached photo.

    By Steeve Cee (21/10/2020)
  • To those Mansfield folk, please excuse typing error,
    it was and still is “Ratcliffe Gate”

    By Mr Graham Burton (former Woodus Lad) (15/10/2020)
  • Hello Pauline,
    The bridge that is seen being demolished carried the great Central Line over Ratcliffe Gate ( not Radcliffe) and passed Crown Farm Colliery on its way eastwards.
    The Great Central Station was immediately on the left of the bridge looking at the photograph.
    As a youngster we would gather on the bridge at the top of Pecks Hill/ Sherwood Hall Rd. to see the ‘fish train’ travelling from Grimsby to Nottingham, dropping off one carriage at the Great Central station.

    By Michael Parkin (14/10/2020)
  • Hi Pauline, it was in this era when they took the bridge down if I remember, think diverted the traffic to the left, was this Great Central Road?.

    By Graham Burton(former Woodus. Lad) (13/10/2020)
  • Graham, what is happening on the bridge?

    By Pauline Marples (13/10/2020)

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