Brunts Grammar School Under 15s Football Team

The attached photograph is of the Brunts Grammar School Under 15’s eleven football team taken in 1954.

Some of the names I remember are:-

Back row  ?,Richards, Hollingsworth, Whitehead, Cooper,?, Bainbridge, Sports master.

Front row ?, Hickling, Wootton, ?Hind, Tyler, ?, ?.

I am sure there are still some out there still alive like me who will remember the other names.


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  • Next to Steve Bainbridge is Dave Barnett

    By Ray Richards (28/08/2023)
  • The sports master was Mr Holmes.

    By David Brelsford (08/03/2021)
  • Next to Tyler is John Briggs I think. And front row left is David Purseglove

    By Terence Whitehead (09/02/2021)

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