Mansfields New Ring Road under construction

Mansfield Ring Road

Mansfield new ring takes shape /under construction .I took this photograph in the early ’70s and as you see in the top left corner is the old Gas Works structure of which I’m sure will bring back memories to the people of Mansfield. Ring roads we take for granted today ,yet in the 60’s/70’s this was a large transition for the folk of Mansfield then.

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  • Totally agree with your comments Phil regarding addled minds on planning committees and unfortunately they continue to flourish today, Lawn Mills building looks like its days are numbered so another piece of local industrial history will be consigned to memory.
    Like you I’ve always said a ring road goes around a town not through the middle of it. The Mansfield of my childhood was a place of walkways, alleys and steps leading somewhere to explore, long gone in the name of progress.

    By Nigel Wolden (25/11/2021)
  • A ring road encircles a town allowing life to continue within it as normal. This ghastly concept dreamed up by addled minds on some planning committee ripped the heart out of my beloved home town. The “progress” has continued so as to render the place of my youth completely unrecognisable. Thank you for this wonderful website which enables me to see actual pictures of what lives on in my minds eye.

    By philip tatley (05/11/2021)

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