Moor Lane School Choir - 1966 or 7

Moor Lane School Choir - 1966 or 7

Headteacher (Mr Booth) far left. Mr (Killer) Phillips, choirmaster, far right. I started at the Infant’s school in 1961 and left the Juniors in ’67. The last two years were in Miss Brotherhood’s class. I actually remember this photo being taken on the playing field. The photographer had a plate camera with the black cloth over his head so he could focus. I’ve colourised the picture, from the original B/W. Does anyone recognise themselves in it? We sang songs from The Sound of Music, which came out in 1965. Today, 25/07/22, I paid a visit to Miss Brotherhood. Hadn’t seen her since the mid 70’s when I bought a house on the Grange Farm estate and found she was a close neighbour. She was absolutely amazing today, considering she wasn’t expecting a visit. She remembered us, invited us in and made us very much at home. She also remembered everyone who’s name we brought up in the conversation, and also their parents and siblings!

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  • Hello to the Moor Lane school friends & how lovely. I can remember both Miss Brotherhood & Mr Phillips, he always had menthol sweets, Mr Phillips had the class room building that was away from the main school. Both brilliant teachers, Sheryl

    By Sheryl Powell (Brown) (06/09/2023)

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