Mansfield Museum entrance

Entrance to Mansfield Museum

Entrance to the Mansfield Museum from my collection taken around 60’s/70’s changes I’m sure have taken place since then. More memories for the Mansfield folk.

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  • The phone boxes were moved when the ‘arcade’ was built on the front of the Museum in 1987. One was taken away but one remains on display in the Museum. It is great to see the children trying to work out how a dial works!

    By Liz Weston (11/06/2019)
  • Hi Pete, Thank you for your comments. Nice to think people remember how the Town used to be, brings back memories. Wonder where the phones boxes are and two at that! In them days not many had a phone at home and mobiles a thing of the future in them days.

    By Mr G Burton (former" Woodus Lad " (10/06/2019)
  • Hello Graham. The building on the left with the red door was at one time the childrens library. At some time later it was turned into Mansfield District Council leisure services offices and then it became Grouchos bar in the Palace theatre. Above the childrens library was an insurance office. I think it was the Co-op but not sure on that. That eventually was turned into a dance school and now belongs to the Palace theatre.

    By Pete Higgins (06/06/2019)

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