Cumberland Sec Mod School Adventures

Cumberland’s Secondary Modern School Trip to Germany 1970/1
Cumberland’s Secondary Modern School visit to the salt mines in Germany

Cumberland’s Secondary Modern School School Trip to Germany 1970/71. The trip took in many beautiful historic sights including a day in Munich and a trip to the salt mines. Mr Adams the schools maths teacher kept us all in check 😜😊

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  • I went to Combos 76 to 79, I was in Miss Clay’s class

    By Lee Robinson (30/10/2023)
  • Was there a Mr Stan Bullard or similar, (always reminded me of ‘Desperate Dan’), who took metalwork around 1966 / 67 time? Great memories / great times.

    By John Gaut (19/07/2023)
  • Myself and two of my sisters and two of my brothers went to Cumberlands and Rosemary school in Mansfield, I also spent time at Rosemary school but mostly Cumberlands.
    Mr Compton was an amazing Head Master and Mr Hardwick a great deputy head of boys.
    Mrs Westbury, formerly Mrs Bean, was head of girls.
    Mr Bennet, history ?? Mr Shed, definitely the English teacher or an English teacher, maybe there were two…
    Mrs Parkinson Domestic Science but before her was Glenda ?? she was a lovely teacher.
    Ivor Roberts Geography, Mr Hill RE.

    By Janice Cooper (nee GANT) (02/04/2022)
  • I was at Cumberlands Ladybrook Mansfield in the 60s with both my sisters. Our maiden name was Seagrave. Was friends with Margaret n Marlene Shooter. Also Martin Coates, Lenny Robinson, David Marsh, Eric Wright.

    By LindaShaw (21/01/2022)
  • Can anyone remember the name of the R.E teacher, and the name of the French Teacher? The later teacher is in the picture of the German salt mines trip, sat 6th from the back. If I remember (although not sure), she did go on and marry Mr Adams the maths teacher??

    By Ann Driver (26/09/2020)
  • I was at Cumberland’s ’67- 72 (5th) year. There was only 1 Mr Bennett & he taught Rural Studies & English. He left in ’71, to become an headmaster at a junior school in Norfolk, he told us it was just for the birds & wildlife. Don’t forget Mr Roberts the PE teacher. From ’67 the headmaster was a Mr V. T Compton.

    By Malcolm Chapman (31/08/2020)
  • I think that was Mr Swain (geography). Mr Bennett was the English teacher who wanted to retire to Wells-Next-The-Sea as he was into ornithology.

    By Martin (24/08/2020)
  • Just recalling some of the teachers names when I attended Cumberland’s Secondary Modern School on Ladybrook Estate. 1967-1971.
    Miss Fox (English), Mr Adams & Mr Freeman (Maths), Mr George (Art), Mr Shed (English), Mr Sale (Science), Miss Smith (PE), Mrs Parkinson (Homecraft), Mrs Westby (Needlecraft), Mr Swale (Geography). Mr Hardwick (Metalwork), Mr Daniels (Woodwork). Mr Bennett (?).
    Mr Parkinson was headmaster & another Mr Hardwick was deputy. Apologies to those I’ve missed. Can anyone fill in the gaps? 😊

    By Ann Driver (07/08/2020)

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