Stockwell Gate 1970's

Stockwell Gate early 70's

Old Stockwell Gate around early 70’s from ones collection, looking down towards the Co-operative building .

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  • Believe the Crown was accessed by the authorities recently to sort out the cannabis growth going on inside!! Used it during the 60s mainly because the dartboard was usually available, the beer selection wasn’t the best although there was a large upstairs room available for hire and had my wedding reception here in 1967.
    Stockwell Gate had a good selection of shops then but with the addition of the soon to be built hotel will become a sunless corridor, MDC seem addicted to granting planning permission to large concrete blocks to dwarf traditional structures.

    By Nigel Wolden (19/08/2021)
  • Graham Burton, are you the Graham who knows Denis Duffield ?

    By Jane swallow (12/06/2021)
  • Yes, the Crown Hostelry is still there. Over the past few years it’s changed hands and names quite a few times, but no one seems to make a go of the place.
    At present it’s called The Town House, but I’m not sure if it’s currently trading or whether it’s closed.

    By Jenny Wright (03/11/2020)
  • I was part of a group that frequented the Crown Hostelry on Wednesday evenings in the 1963-66 period for the Folk Music Club…. the younger clientele like ourselves had the venue as a mid-week out of school meeting point for principally Quegs and Brunts 6th formers, we were ‘outsiders’ of a kind as we attended Rushcliffe Tech-Grammar in West Bridgford.
    Being 6th formers we were of course generally under-age (but responsible on Wednesdays?) drinkers. The Folk Music Club was a venue for established and aspiring talents as well as touring acts…. very often of at the time mainstream ballads and some bawdy songs, very few of today’s singer-songwriter ilk. Come Friday night it was soul music at the Eight Bells!!

    By Jim Priest (27/10/2020)
  • Thank you for your comments Steeve, think it is still there, and I’m sure like yourself the Mansfield folk too have many memories of the “Ye Old Crown Hostelry” over many years.

    By Mr.G .Burton (19/10/2020)
  • Yes it goes back a long time gents, and originally called ‘Ye Olde Crown Hostelry’. The word ‘Hostelry’ can just be made out with the picture enlarged. I don’t know if it’s still there as a pub although I remember it well from many years ago. Very good picture! Will have a look on my next visit to Mansfield – no immediate plans as yet.

    By Steeve Cee (16/10/2020)
  • Hi David, yes I think it was the “Crown Hostel” pub all those years ago. Don’t know if it is still run as a pub but like yourself I’m sure the Mansfield folk remember it being a pub for many many years.

    By Mr Graham Burton (former Woodus Lad) (15/10/2020)
  • Graham, is the Mock Tudor building you can see in the distance a pub called The Crown? I remember going there to the Folk Club. Never went into the Wheatsheaf. I presume Gunners was the building adjacent the Crown?

    By David Holt (14/10/2020)

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