Sherwood Hall School -Toasting Bread on the Boilers in the Nissan Huts!!!

Does anyone remember my husband Mike Needham who was at Sherwood Hall approx 1958- 1963? He tell stories of toasting bread on the open boilers in the Nissan huts and how cold it was at that time. (He has always felt the cold!!) He always wanted to be a weather forecaster and he worked for the Met Office for over 40 years and loved it. He now has dementia and any memories would be good for him!!!

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  • Nigel,
    Your comment regarding Bill Shotbolt brought back my memories from 1962 ish as I also made the toasting fork, a diamond shaped coat hook and the pencil case. I still have the pencil case which is a repository for my bike spanners! I was in Lister house, we never seemed to win anything.

    By David Holt (08/11/2021)
  • I had two years in the huts, 1959-61, before relocating to Sherwood Hall, education in such buildings wouldn’t happen now.
    Looking onto the school site from the reservoir the entrance to Morrisons is in the same spot as serviced the school then, sports fields to the front and right, the brick covered way ran up the middle of the site, with access to huts off it left and right, you had to zigzag walking in it due to protruding walls.
    Further huts were at the top of the site which I think were the offices, but one was definitely the music room with ‘Ma’ Hollingsworth in charge. Bottom right hut was for the sports hall and showers. Woodwork and metalwork were on the left under the instruction of Bill Shotbolt, did a pencil case and toasting fork I remember!! ‘Pip’ Lemmon was RE, Cook for art, Wood or Woods English and I think ‘Tiny’ Johnson geography/history.
    Can’t ever recollect doing toast on the stoves in the classrooms but flicking bits of pencil rubber onto them usually caused amusement over the ensuing smell. I was in Rutherford house the others being Faraday, Lister and Wren.
    Doing twice round the reservoir in games lessons has gone down in folklore, still do it now and always go around anti-clockwise in a nod to the past though now I walk it. Good memories.

    By Nigel Wolden (04/11/2021)

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