York Street Secondary, Mansfield Woodhouse.

Can anyone remember being at York Street Secondary School and St. Edmunds? I was born in 1954 and went to St Edmunds when Mr Baker was headmaster. I failed the 11 plus and was comitted to York Street, known to us as bucket bangers for some reason (?) The English teacher was Mrs Ashley, woodwork was Mr Harding. He liked to use the slipper. Another teacher was ‘Daddy’ Burton who had a selection of canes, some weighted with lead taped to the tip. Fellow pupils, I can’t remember many….Paul ‘Polly’ Eadson who was cock of the school, Trot Thompson, Andre Rawlins (?) Victor Jennings, Pamela Allsop, Chris Widdowson and Neil Riley who I had a scrap with outside Sherwood pit baths.

My best pal was Ian Wood who lived in Stainforth Street a few doors above the shop on the same side. I lived at number 47. My Mum and stepfather then moved to Sherwood Rise as he ( Len Fisher) was a winder at Sherwood Colliery.

I remember Terence Budgie, he failed his 11 + but was so bright that he was sent to the Manor School. Terrence was a nice bloke, he lived in a lovely old stone house just up from the Turner Memorial Hall. I remember Polly Eadson had a home made battery powered tattooing machine with which he would decorate anyone willing in the playground.

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  • Wow reading through these brings back so many wonderful memories of both St Edmunds, plus Yorke St. ❤️ both teachers and fellow students, I often think of you all and where everyone is all these years later, I for one am back in Woodhouse.
    Wishing you all well and happy

    By Patricia Woodward (01/08/2023)
  • Hi, I went to Yorke Street School 1965-1970, my name was Diane Beardsley. I remember Mrs Ashley and the science teacher, can’t remember his name

    By Diane ryan (20/05/2023)
  • Glenn, the battery operated tattoo machine you refer to was in fact made from an old alarm clock with three fine needles soldered to the bell striker. I remember it well.

    By Paul Eadson (23/10/2022)
  • I was born in 1953 and went to St Edmunds.
    Headmaster was T Peacock. Mrs Gentle was a teacher there and I think Mrs Eales.
    I went to Manor School from there.

    By John Pinnick (22/08/2022)
  • Another fellow pupil who left York Street about the same time as me (1970) was Chris Widdowson, that is unless he stayed on to do ‘O’ levels.

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (03/01/2022)
  • Hi Phil, I remember your name, I think that we were in the same class. During my time at Yorke Street I lived at 3a Sherwood Rise, right on the corner, the nearest house to the pit entrance.

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (07/10/2021)
  • Hi, what number Sherwood Rise? I lived on Sherwood Rise.

    By Phil goucher (23/05/2021)
  • I was at York Street school 1965-1969 can remember some of the teachers Fred Allsop was history and pe teacher, some names at that time was Gray Hayes, David Thorpe, Kevin Hinds, Neil Williams, David Smith, David Vernon,

    By Phillip goucher (05/03/2021)
  • I think Mr Baker was the head of St. Edmunds when I was in the junior school. The ‘outside’ toilets were along the wall running from the school to the main road. I liked the school, at the end of the day I would walk to my Gran Cox’s house right at the bottom of Blackgate Yard for tea and play with my cousin David Cox who also lived in the yard a couple of doors up. My mother would arrive after her work finished and we would then walk home to Stainforth Street across the rec.
    Stainforth Street was a good place to live, there was the field at the bottom to play in and we would wander down to the river and roam about all over the place. The river at that time was quite polluted, there was ‘debris’ caught on every branch and root but we played in it non the less!

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (13/12/2020)
  • David, did you live in the house next door to Ian that was below him and above the shop? If you are the right person. you had an interest in protecting wild birds? I seem to remember you had a Meccano set, that you were older than us and your Dad worked away a lot.

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (11/12/2020)
  • Hi Glen, I attended St Edmunds School when Tommy Peacock was the Head Master, former Notts Forest player! Then I went up to Yorke Street School late 50’s. Knew a family in Stainforth Street, the Oscroft family, then I think they moved to Leeming Lane North or off there, nice family. School days at Yorke Street in the 50’s plus, all memories now, the building gone, houses on the site.

    By Mr.G .Burton former Woodus Lad (11/12/2020)
  • Hi Dave, am I right in thinking Ian had two older, married brothers living nearby? I remember one used to jump over the wall at the far end of the long garden when visiting his parents. I knew Dave Wycherly, I made a bow and arrow, (cut from the hedge row in the bottom field) and he broke it and pushed it down the drainage grate in the road. I never played with him again. Two doors down from 47 lived a girl Gillian and her brother.
    The only subjects I could do were woodwork and metalwork. The latter workshop, housed in a prefab near the park, was my favourite place, it had lathes and a furnace from which I learned enamelling. Overall I did not like my time at the school so was very happy to leave in 1970, aged 15.
    I remember the corner shop at the top of Sherwood Street right next to the school, it was very popular.
    Anyone know if Ian Wood is still in Woodhouse?

    By Glenn Sutcliffe (08/12/2020)
  • I lived next door to Ian Wood, 40 Stainforth St. and started at Yorke Street in 1962. I moved to live in Mansfield in 1968 aged 17. Steven Wycherley lived opposite, and Charlie Singleton further up, Brian Farmer lived just a few doors up from Steve.

    By David Bullars (01/12/2020)

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