Sherwood Hall Technical Grammar School for Boys, U15 Cricket Team

Neil Footitt has sent us this photo of the U15 cricket team.  He recalls that Steve Goodwin is sitting next to Mr Grant. Other team names are; Neil Footitt, Colin Kirby, Kev Jones, Michael North, Peter Rice, Bob Walters, Nev Storer, David Lane, Alan Caddy, Philip Burnley, Brian Thomson, Steve Goodwin. A fully gowned Mr Radford is as ever on the team photo.
I don’t recall whether we were a successful side although Brian Thomson could certainly play a bit! Apologies if my memory has failed with any of the name details as I have avoided the nicknames?

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  • Just a response to Neil Footitt and the Under 15 cricket team!
    Remember the names and the exciting times we had at Sherwood Hall!
    I left in 1966 while doing my first year of A levels.
    I immigrated to Canada and have been here since. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers myself.
    Living in Canada is a whole different experience and I would love to share that with anyone who is interested!
    Take care,

    Steve Goodwin

    By Editors for Steve Goodwin (24/07/2022)
  • Hi Steve, Great to see your response. As you say, this was a long time ago. We could just about make the Under 75’s now! I still live locally but only rarely see anyone from school although coincidentally two I have seen recently are directly to my left in this photo. You are probably the furthest away from Mansfield but the only one to comment but I guess this site is not well known. I have two recollections which were: I got a job at the place your Dad worked (Sheepbridge) and a message of “caution” was passed on. Also you had a weird bike with a curved frame, wide handle bars, suicidal fixed wheel and no brakes! I think it came from Canada and so different to our Raleigh bikes. Strange what things stay in the memory? Cheers.

    By Neil Footitt (22/07/2022)
  • This note is in response to Neil and the Under 15 cricket team. My name is Steve Goodwin and I attended Sherwood Hall until April 1966 and then immigrated to Canada.
    I do remember many of those names on the team, but it has been a long time! Since living in Canada I never played cricket again! The game is played here but not like in England. There are many fond memories of School at Sherwood Hall which never go away. Living in Canada is a totally different lifestyle and now retirement things change again. I will never forget the friendship and the memories I left behind! If anyone remembers me please do so via this means. Again, thank you Neil and maybe someday we will be able to talk over the good times!

    By Steve Goodwin (17/06/2022)

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