20 Grove Street, Mansfield

Shop at 20 Grove St Mansfield-possibly Haberdashers-is that Viyella above the first window?
Back of photo-G Groves?

This photo has been shared on Facebook-there are no other details other than the address 20 Grove Street and name G Groves (or Grove).
Above the window seems to be Viyella so could this be a Haberdashery?
Any information about the photo would be welcome…

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  • Grove Street – NG18 1EL

    Just off Nottingham Road near Titchfield Park.
    Looks like the Viyella signage, yes they had a factory in Hucknall I believe. Photo date would be pure guesswork +/- mid ’40’s to early ’50’s perhaps.
    Writing on card, adult – other stuff juvenile no doubt. Good luck!

    By Steeve Cee (11/11/2020)

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