20 Grove Street, Mansfield

Shop at 20 Grove St Mansfield-possibly Haberdashers-is that Viyella above the first window?
Back of photo-G Groves?

This photo has been shared on Facebook-there are no other details other than the address 20 Grove Street and name G Groves (or Grove).
Above the window seems to be Viyella so could this be a Haberdashery?
Any information about the photo would be welcome…

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  • Went to York Street School 1979 til 81, old Hardin was still there, loved caning, as did tardy Edwards, but you knew who was boss lol.
    My name is Trev Wood, my uncles Des and Pete went before me so wasn’t good when Mr Harding grabs ya side burn and says I know your family

    By Trev (01/12/2023)
  • Grove Street – NG18 1EL

    Just off Nottingham Road near Titchfield Park.
    Looks like the Viyella signage, yes they had a factory in Hucknall I believe. Photo date would be pure guesswork +/- mid ’40’s to early ’50’s perhaps.
    Writing on card, adult – other stuff juvenile no doubt. Good luck!

    By Steeve Cee (11/11/2020)

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