Back room of the Dial Hotel in the 70's

My parents Peter and Dora Stevenson ran the Dial from 1957 to 1978 , anyone remember them?

The picture is of the back room in the Dial Hotel.

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  • Does anyone remember the Oliviers that ran (owned) the Dial Pub?

    By Julie Wilson (10/09/2023)
  • Our mum Lily Robinson worked for Peter and Dora behind the bar around1969-1973.

    By Margaret Shipman (26/11/2022)
  • I remember being in that back room with my then girlfriend, a Student Nurse named Sue from Harlow Wood Hospital, sometime around 1968. We were the only ones in there, but we got told off for snogging.

    By Pete Burrows (02/08/2021)
  • When I was courting (does that still happen or is it now a click on the Internet?) in the ‘60s, I always went to the back room of the Dial before or after the cinema or a dance in town. We were slightly! under age but no id was ever requested. I’ve no idea what I would have produced, probably a school bus pass.
    My drink of choice was a bottle of Forest Brown. My wife to be, a Calypso I think. Do those still exist? Happy days.

    By John Hallam (26/05/2020)

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