Windmill Ridge School play

Windmill Ridge Middle School Mansfield 'Salad Days' play

Maybe someone can tell us more about this play, who the pupils are and the date of the event. – Editors

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  • Sorry to disagree with you Ian, but the girls made the dresses themselves at home. I made two for the play and was twelve at the time. Mrs Bramley didn’t make them, although she was the Home Economics Teacher. Were you in the play? Or did you see it?

    By Amanda Dutton (04/04/2022)
  • Not Gilbert and Sullivan, it’s Slade and Reynolds.
    Dresses made by Mrs Bramley (Home economics), mortar boards by Mrs Joyce Brown (Maths), lights – Mr Chris Davey.

    By Ian Gregory (03/10/2021)
  • There were a number of mills in the area as the ridge was an ideal position to catch the wind. The nearest seem to have been Penfords Mill and Victoria Mill, both on Skerry Hill. Some of them date back a very long time.

    By Liz Weston (13/12/2019)
  • Can anyone recall a windmill anywhere near this school as my father built it and I would like to know please

    By Karen miller (12/12/2019)
  • I’m pleased you remember it Peter.
    The last time I saw Mr Surgey was 21yrs ago. I saw him having lunch on Fridays with other teachers at a local Sutton pub.

    By Amanda Dutton (18/07/2019)
  • I really remember this. I think the kids were a couple of years older than me at the time? But I remember it so well that I often explain what ‘Salad Days’ means by reference to watching this. Nice. Sorry to hijack this but does anyone remember Mr Surgey? I have been trying to locate him to say ‘thank you’….

    By Peter Emberson (12/07/2019)
  • This ‘ Salad Days’ play by Gilbert and Sullivan was performed in 1980. In the photo everyone is dressed in the Don cloak and mortar board. The girls dresses in the photo were made from printed Mickey Mouse fabric which had been donated. The girls made their dresses at home.

    By Amanda Dutton (26/06/2019)

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