Early days at Ethel Wainwright Junior School

Ethel Wainwright Junior School 1964

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  • Ethel Wainright school opened in the early 1950s, not 1960s

    By Robert Spencer (21/06/2023)
  • Miss Shriver was Miss Shrive, she married whilst I was there and became Mrs Revill. I was in the next year above the photo, but remember a lot of the faces and some of the names. I am still in regular contact with my best friend from the time… John Hill.

    By David Kerr (01/01/2023)
  • Ethel Wainwright school was opened in the early 1950’s. I remember being in the photograph of the football team with Gerald Clarke holding the football marked 1954 – 55.
    I would have been 8 then.

    By Robert Spencer (14/04/2021)
  • Year 4 ??Mr Eastgate

    By robert Spencer (28/07/2020)
  • Yes, I also remember having to stand on the black square in the entrance due to misbehaving. Here’s a few names that come to mind from the photo.
    Back row – Left to Right
    ?, Susan Rossiter, Gillian Grey, Lesley Brown, ?
    2nd Row from bottom – left to right-
    ?,Gillian ?, Shirley or Shiela Shepard,?, Julie White, Carmen Denton, Susan Mussan, ?, Ann Squire.

    By Dr Ann Driver (14/04/2020)
  • I am second row, fourth from the right Carmen Denton, Fifth is my best friend Julie White.
    I loved our headmaster Mr Woolley, a kind man. Though I do remember having to stand on a black square in the hallway for being naughty.
    He read us a Christmas carol every year as we all sat cross-legged and enthralled in the main assembly hall.
    I also watched the moon landings here…..

    By Carmela Denton (28/11/2019)
  • Another good & kind teacher at “ Ethel Wainwright “ was Mr. Frank Stephenson.
    I always enjoyed his morning assemblies. Those hymns have remained with me from those early years. Later on attending “ The Old Meeting House “ ( Unitarian Chapel ) off Stockwellgate behind the old Bus Station, I found he was Treasurer to this place of Worship where he made me most welcome.
    In the beautiful interior of “ The Old Meeting House “ there is a lovely plaque in memory of Frank Stephenson.

    By David Burton (06/09/2019)
  • Ethel Wainwright was a new school in the 1960’s, only 4 classrooms. Think Year 1 was was taught by Miss Shriver, Year 2 Mrs Owen, Year 3 Miss Ellis and Year 4 Mr ???

    By Ann Driver (02/09/2019)

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