Newfoundland, Canada, Victorian wall letter box.

Newfoundland, Canada, Victorian wall letter box.

For the letter box section, I am interested in this Victorian example. It stands in the fishing village of Trinity, Newfoundland. It resembles the Victorian example on the site but has no makers name. Newfoundland was a colony of Britain until 1947. Was it made in Mansfield?

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  • Possibly James Maude & Co of London, rather than *Mansfield? Your example may have the makers details covered by several or more coats of paint! No guarantees however.

    W.T. Allen & Co., was in operation from 1881-1955. James Maude and Co made the Letter Boxes for the London Company W. T. Allen who had a contract for supplying the Post Office with Wall Boxes over a long period of time, although……..

    *James Maude & Co., Forest Road, Mansfield, were the owners of the Sherwood Foundry founded in 1788 making farm implements and progressed to making decorated Lamp Standards for the Thames Embankment. Could be a connection, hope this helps.

    By Steeve Cee (12/02/2020)

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