House Clearances 1930s

The Museum recently acquired a collection of amazing photographs of areas of the Town that were to be cleared in the 1930s. We want to share these with you but are keen to know if anyone has any more information. We realise it is a long time ago but perhaps someone in your family has told you about it.

Wood Street Area (Oak Court)
Mansfield Museum
Garibaldi Square Houses
Mansfield Museum
Greenwoods Yard
Mansfield Museum
Meeting House Lane
Mansfield Museum

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  • I would love to know when the photo of Meeting House Lane was taken. One of my great grandmothers lived at number 12 in 1911, so as unlikelty as it is that the photo is from then, the family would have lived at the house shown.

    By Graham Parker (30/09/2023)
  • My great grandfather was born in 16 Greenwoods Yard, Louis Vernon xx

    By Rachel Broadway (18/02/2023)
  • Fantastic stone built properties that would have stood forever, what could have been made of them if the idiots in planning committees didn’t decide to flatten anything and everything that had character.

    By Nigel Wolden (26/11/2022)
  • Amazig. Any pics of cottages at top of Pheasant Hill on left looking over what is now 1 of DIY stores? The lane led to the pit and passing Tennis Club.

    By Janet (26/11/2022)
  • My father was born in Greenwoods Yard in 1930.

    By Helen Gelsthorpe-Smith (14/05/2021)
  • Would you have any idea about the year this was taken? I have a census record for 1911 that says my ancestors lived in Number 5 Garibaldi Square, Mansfield. The record for number 4 [the one with people in the doorway] shows as Hedley Cook a Coal Hewer and his wife Charlotte Ellen Cook, Olive age 14 was a Bobbin carrier in a cotton spinning room , John 12, Doris 10 and Lucy 7 all at school.

    By Mandy Moon (08/05/2020)
  • Whichever street or yard they belong, the first three pictures are of the rear to the street doors. Showing the outside toilets , the Dustbin housing, and the Coal Houses. Which would always be to the rear of the house. The water supply was always at the rear, and the washing of clothes, would always be at the back of the house.

    By Alan Curtis (26/02/2018)
  • Greenwoods Yard, Sherwood Yard and Johnsons Yard! Were they inbetween Ratcliffe Gate and Pelham St. There were steep steps leading to the yards at intervals on Ratcliffe Gate going to Pelham St.

    By Tom Shead (11/02/2018)
  • Picture three, is very much like Wood Court would have looked before they too were demolished. The outside shared toilets, the ash bins, the single outside cold water tap.  And note the wringer on the right of the picture, which too, would have been shared. The only things missing from the old days, is the clothes line, and the Coalhouses. Great pictures of times gone by. Many thanks.

    By Alan Curtis (10/02/2018)

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