Waiting for Royalty

People on Nottingham Road, waiting for Royalty, but who and what date?

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  • A Lady came into the Heritage Link in Woodhouse for some info on Woodhouse but happened to say she lived in Mansfield during the war on Vallence’s Square, off Nottingham Rd. She pointed out it was opposite Gedling St and just out of site of the LH side of the photo above. The way onto the square was through an alley to the rear of the houses on the front, outside tap for all the residents and 2 families shared an outside toilet. The were demolished late 40s and relocated to Ladybrook Estate.

    By t.shead (07/07/2016)
  • Is it possible that they were on their way to Portland College? My Grandma lived in one of the alms houses on Nottingham Road, and I can remember a couple of times being on the front garden with a little flag waiting for “the big posh” car to come by us.

    By Carol Croucher (13/03/2013)
  • I’d say the royal visit in the photo would be 1949 unless there was one in the next couple of yeas because my parents went to see it and took me with them. We stood on Woodhouse Road at the end of Rufford Avenue along with 100s of people and I can just remember feeling very tiny when my dad put me down for a few seconds (probably to light a cigarette) among all those grown ups, thats the only bit I recall. It was well before I reached school age so if it was the 1949 visit I would have been 2, this must be my very earliest memory. Did the Royal’s visit Mansfield on that occasion or were they just passing through, the picture looks like Nottingham Road and everyone looking towards town so they could have come up Woodhouse Road through the market and up Nottingham Road. Don’t forget there were no motorways or bypasses then all major roads went through town centres.

    By Peter Bowler (24/12/2012)
  • I believe that it is the occasion of the royal couple in 1948

    By Ken Harrington (02/07/2012)
  • Sorry, not enough info.It was Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinbugh in 1949 not 48.

    By Ken Harrington (02/07/2012)

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