Mansfield Views

Two photographs from the Museums Chad Negative Collection with no other information than they were taken in July 1983 – where are they?

No 1
CHAD T6525M-09
No 2
CHAD T6525X-05

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  • The lane was a regular walk for us as youngsters and a short cut to various other places as well. We took photos of the steam trains on a regular basis in those days, but sadly none of our photos survived..Many contributors will be familiar with the old Kodak Brownie 127 camera. That was the camera then – couldn’t afford anything more up market. I may still have one tucked away somewhere. They stopped making these cameras in ’59 I believe.

    By Steeve Cee. (13/09/2017)
  • I remember both places but for me the favourite spot was the lane from Pecks Hill. Spent time in the early 1960’s watching the steam locos going under the bridge on the Great Central line.

    By Peter Yates (01/06/2015)
  • Yes, picture 2 is the lane from Pecks Hill. It was the lane up to Ravensdale Windmill, which was situated at the back of Alcock Avenue. The lane crossed over the old Great Central railway line which was dismantled in the early seventies, There was a large black bricked bridge over Sandy Lane. The embankment was used to fill the cutting from the bridge on Sherwood Hall Road to the lane

    By Alan Taylor (06/01/2015)
  • You’re right John, it’s definitely Abbot Road/Bull Farm, have walked that path many a time in eons gone by!

    By Christine Gant (25/09/2014)
  • The second photo looks a lot like the track way that goes from the bottom of Peck hill (across from St Lawrences church), up passed the disused allotments on Sandy Lane, across the field, between the houses onto Alcock Avenue. The hedge line on the right are of the boundaries to the back gardens of Pecks Hill. Pete Bennett

    By Pete Bennett (01/11/2013)
  • Photo 1 is the corner of Abbott Road and Ruskin Road, Bull Farm

    By John Allcock (31/10/2013)

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