Heywood Street

One of the photos (No 5) featured in the More Mansfield Mystery Photos page, has been identified as Heywood Street by a number of people, the photo is reproduced here.

David Clay tells us the picture shows the Beer Off on the junction of Heywood Street with Sandy Lane which was just in process of being demolished.

You can see the caravans which were put on the site of the demolished railway bank for temporary accommodation. The council houses on the horizon are the backs of Alcock Avenue adjoining Sandy Lane allotments.

David is almost certain that three of the children featured in the photograph are his children which would date it around 1982.

The coloured photograph was taken by David a few weeks ago and shows the view today.


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  • Totally agree with Chris Wheat, I would say 1979. I also may be in the picture, same age as Ian and Brian Moore. I lived at 151 Newgate Lane, on the corner of Hardwick Street, opposite the Green Dolphin chippy. There also was never a junction onto Newgate lane from Haywood Street. Remember the beer-off well, even if I was only 9, 10p back on a bottle of pop!

    By Jonathan Betts (06/11/2023)
  • The top photo would have been taken earlier than 1982 because where those kids are sitting are a block of four- two bedroomed flats which were built in about 1979/80. The top of Heywood Street, I have been told, would have had a junction on to Newgate lane.

    By Pete Bennett (09/09/2011)
  • I disagree with David, Heywood street Beer off was demolished around 1978/1979, the kids sat on the grass could be either the Wheat’s, Collier’s or Moore’s, and I dare say the dog’s name was Sam – a black Lab cross and he belonged to the Smith’s off Hardwick street.

    By Chris Wheat (16/04/2011)

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