Sherwood Hall and Beverly Minster

Sherwood Hall dated 1980
J. Michael Hargrove
August 2011
M & P Marples
Beverley Minster August 2011
M & P Marples
Hutton Memorial, Beverley Minster August 2011
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Hutton Memorial, Beverley Minster August 2011
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Hutton Memorial, Beverley Minster August 2011
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Hutton Memorial, Beverley Minster August 2011
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Hutton Memorials, Beverley Minster August 2011
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The history of Sherwood Hall, (which was sometimes referred to as Shirewood Hall), near Mansfield can be taken back over 250 years. It was situated on the Mansfield to Ollerton Road, (now known as Sherwood Hall Road).

While it is unknown when the hall and its estate were built, mention of them can be found in documents and books from 1755 when Dr James Lidderdale was the owner.  He is quoted as being  ‘of the parish of Saint James, Westminster, Middlesex, but now of Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, Doctor in Physick.’


The next know owner was Col John Kellet, a Lieutenant Colonel of His Majesty’s Royal Regiment of Horse Guards. In 1800 Harrod wrote  ‘Sherwood Hall – The seat of Col Kellet, is neat and uniform, pleasantly situated on the edge of the forest. Near it is a shrubbery with a variety of evergreen plants and flowers. and the ground fenced in from the forest by a large plantation of firs.


After John Kellett it is Henry William Hutton (born 1787) who takes possession of Sherwood Hall around 1810, he is said to be of ‘the Close of Lincoln.’ Henry married Marianne Fleming on the 28th August 1811 at Beverley. It is surmised that after this they moved to Sherwood Hall near Mansfield, for this is where at least the first three of their seven children listed below are known to have been born.

Henry Flemming Hutton born 6th July 1813, died 9th July 1813 – source St Peters Parish Registers, Mansfield.

Henry John Hutton born Sherwood Hall 1st July 1814 – source Monument Beverley Minster.

Frederick William Hutton born Sherwood Hall 28th May 1815 – source Monument Beverley Minster

Of sons Edward Thomas Hutton born 31st  May 1820, and George Hutton born circa 1825, the birth place is unknown

Emily Anne Hutton was born at Beverley, Yorkshire, 12th September 1823. There is no known information on the seventh child the couple are reputed to have had.

The Hutton family had moved to Beverley by 1923 as their daughter Emily was born there and Sherwood Hall had a new occupier Thomas Houldsworth.

It is anticipated that Thomas Houldsworth and later occupants of the hall will feature in future articles.

While Sherwood Hall has long since been demolished, its name and some of its occupiers the Hutton family live on in memorials that can be found in Beverly Minster.

The memorials are to be found in the unusual setting of the Minster shop, with ornate ones on the wall and slab type the floor, some are partly hidden by displays.

While Frederick William Hutton’s memorial relating to Sherwood Hall is easy to read, that of Henry John Hutton’s because of the type script and roman numerals, is a little more difficult.

It translates as:

Here lies the remains of HENRY JOHN HUTTON,

The beloved Son of


Formerly CAPTAIN in her Majestys 34 Regiment

He was born at SHERWOOD HALL in


1 July 1814

and died at

Clifton near Bristol

the 24 October 1846


“And now Lord, what wait I for?

My hope is in thee”




The late Kath Tait, who first told me of the memorial at Beverly Minster.

The staff/volunteers of Beverly Minster for their interest and allowing us to take photographs with a permit.

J. Michael Hargrove, Texas Artist for permission to use his drawing of Sherwood Hall.

 Sources of information Portland Papers on line catalogues, Landed Family & Estate Papers University of Hull – on line information. Family Tree Maker – . The History of Mansfield and it’s Environs by W Harrod.

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  • Sherwood Hall was also the home of John Need by 1805. His son Thomas was born there in 1808. (carved on a funeral tablet). The Need family may have moved to Woodhouse Castle, Mansfield Woodhouse, around 1812 and remained there until the mid 1840’s. John Need is recorded as dying at Sherwood Hall (Midland Gazette, June, 1846). I am always puzzled that the Needs are never mentioned in this Sherwood Hall story. Can anyone comment?

    By Dawn Logan, Ottawa, Canada (11/01/2021)

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