Diving into a Tank of Water.

I believe that I took this photograph at Butlins Camp Skegness. I think I also saw him at a Fair in Mansfield. I cannot remember his name or the name of his act.

He used to dive /or fall into the shallow tank of water from the top of the tower… Can anyone remember ??

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  • My wife saw him do the dive many times at Wembley stadium at half time in the speedway circa 1949. Never forgot him Dare Devil Peggy

    By royvoce (11/04/2021)
  • Frank Gadsby is the name, I think I also recall him and his act. Yes, it would be Skegness more than likely. He did a ‘Victory Show’ at Woolaton Park in Nottingham back in ’44’.
    Additional interest:-
    He dislocated his hip as a young child and consequently had to have his leg amputated. Peggy’s real name was Frank Calladine Gadsby and he was born in 1882 at Basford, Nottingham. He was the son of James Gadsby (1835–1901), fishmonger, and Charlotte Gadsby (1858–1908), nee Calladine.

    By Steeve Cee (20/11/2020)
  • Saw high diver on Chesterfield Road fair(where Tesco is) in early 60’s

    By FRED Newton (05/03/2019)
  • My family and I went to the Open Day too. So I guess that is where I took the Picture…The Rig/Derrick appears to be the same as that used by Peg leg Pete at that time. The two platforms,one at the top, and one two thirds up, were the two heights he dived from…Could it be that it was hired from the Council for him to perform ?

    By alcurtis (25/11/2011)
  • This is BP Eakring open day in 1962 showing the gas council rig on display. I was the rig engineer on duty.

    By fred harper (23/11/2011)
  • The name has come to me…He was called Peg Leg Pete. It is possible that he may have lived in Mansfield?

    By alan curtis (26/05/2011)

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