Hidden in the Rocks

These photographs were taken on the 5th September 2012 at the bottom of Bath Lane, with the junction of Ravensdale Road and Sandy Lane, Mansfield. We recall going past last year in the car and seeing what appeared to be rocks with a stone in the middle and wondered what it was. Since then it has become overgrown as you can see in the photos – does anyone know what it is or represents?

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  • A child at Brunts School had made a sculpture – in the shape of a mill wheel (in reference to the old mills nearby) with a motif of ‘community’ (figures holding hands in a circle).  I suggested that it should be placed at the bottom of Bath Lane, near the entrance to Brunts School, as a ‘gateway’ feature to both Ravensdale and Mansfield town centre. Funding was raised and it was duly installed.  The area has since been planted with crocuses, followed by daffodils. Despite vandalism to the row of trees, the area is now well-tended and looks lovely, especially in spring. Thanks to the child who inspired this feature.      

    By christin smith (25/04/2015)
  • Whilst driving down Bath Lane yesterday morning – guess what – two men with a lorry were clearing the overgrown weeds and stonework at the corner of Bath Lane!!! A square slab was clearly visable.

    By Elaine Thomas (14/11/2012)
  • There is actually a sundial under the weeds.

    By Jodie Henshaw (01/10/2012)
  • This is as feature placed by ward councillor, Christine Smith, with Building Better Communities funding from Nottinghamshire County Council, with an agreement for the local community to maintain. However this has not happened and the maintenance responsibility is that of NCC.

    By Liz Weston (24/09/2012)
  • Well, they weren’t there a year or two ago (see Google StreetView) so I’m guessing they’re another council-inspired bit of landscaping. They seem to have a bit of a fad at the moment for creating rockeries (see also the land opposite the Rufford Arms, and the land adjacent the Cockle at the end of Brick Kiln Lane).

    By Darren Turner (20/09/2012)
  • Remains of the original bridge?

    By Berisford Jones (18/09/2012)

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