Miners Rally 1971

These photos taken in 1971 appear to be on the recreation ground on Chesterfield Road. Is that West Hill Drive in the back ground?

Was Mansfield District Council Civic Centre built on the recreation ground?

Does anyone recall the Rally and who the speaker is?

CHAD 315Z-34
CHAD 315Z-35
CHAD 315Z-36

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  • The Speaker is Lawrence Daly who was NUM National General Secretary from 1968 to early in 1984. Daly was from the Scottish Area (NUM).

    By David Amos (07/02/2011)
  • It is indeed West Hill Drive in the background, although the site is actually where Tescos is now and where the leisure centre used to be (in the centre photograph Rosemary Street runs to the left, and the open space with the wiggly lines is where the leisure centre was).

    By Darren Turner (31/01/2011)
  • It might be Lawrence Daly NUM Secretary?

    By Penny Marsden (27/08/2010)

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