Church Street, Mansfield

Church Street July 2009
M Marples
Church Street ND
PC YMCA Series

Two similar views of Church Street, Mansfield, taken many years apart.

The top one was possibly taken in the 1930’s, and unlike the 2009 coloured photograph was not taken on a Sunday as the sun-blinds are out over the shops. In that era shops did not open on a Sunday.

Over the years the shops and business’s have changed a number of times, and additionally so have the road users – compare the transport on the two pictures, the cycle and horse drawn carts on the old photo, not to mention the tramlines down the middle of the road.

The one thing that has remained the same and is a key feature of our town is the viaduct.

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  • The old picture is earlier than the 30’s as the Eight Bells was rebuilt into the building we have today in 1925. The lack of motor vehicles tends to suggest early century, after 1905 though as the tram tracks are in.

    By Berisford Jones (27/09/2011)

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