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These views taken in July 1983 are marked on the negative envelope as Stockwell Gate. They are evidence of changing times, take a good look at the photographs, and comment on which buildings remain today and which have disappeared. Additionally 30 years on what is there today?

Chad T6522 -18
No 2
Chad 6525A-28
No 3
Chad 6525B-31
No 4
CHAd T6525B-33
No 5
No 6
Chad T6525C-34
No 7
Chad T6525C -35

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  • No 1 is the corner of Rosemary St and Stockwell Gate taken from Belvedere St. The large furniture shop on the corner opposite the Belle Vue pub has gone also the Florists, A@C bikes and Jack’s Snacks cafe. Opposite the Empire Cinema and the small shop which used to sell brushes etc. Shoe Co is still there, but not now. Rosemary School was there then but now gone. The Church on Rosemary St., and all houses on Rooth St are no longer there. No 2 is where the Bowling alley is now and the houses at the top are Garden Rd and the road to the left is Belvedere St. No 4 is Belvedere St. and you can see the Midland Station on the left, a lot of properties were demolished after Meridian and the one I remember was the shop where Richardsons motor cycles traded from.

    By Tom Shead (21/10/2013)

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