Mansfield Sandhills,

Came across this very old photograph that was taken on the front lawn of the School Clinic on Redcliffe Road. Mansfield. I have previously mentioned on another page that my wife’s “Granny ” lived at the Clinic.Taken around 1930. On the photograph is my wife’s Granny, her son George, and his daughter Ruby.

What is interesting about the picture is, looking past the subjects, the other side of the road, are the Sandhills. A time before the houses were built.The area became known as the Sandhills,  and the name being given to the Sandhills Club, a drinking establishment very well know to the residents of Wood Court, and Newgate Lane area.

Going up the hill towards Rainworth, in the first house across the road lived Frank Lager, he owned the club on Newgate Lane. Frank had a daughter with bright ginger hair, many is the time she would sit on the rocks next to the house, and wave to my wife and her sister when they were playing on the Clinic Lawn.

The excavation of the Sand and rocks from the Quarry over the years, left a huge Quarried hole, it was filled in eventually by the Mansfield Dustbin Men disposing of  the Town’s waste, under the instructions from Mansfield County Council. It was when this Sand Quarry was eventually Worked out, that the sand quarrying was moved up to the top of Maltby Road.

The sand and Sand Stone from Mansfield are renowned throughout the world as being the best , and is therefore used where ever people require the best.



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  • The Sandhills  Working mens club on the corner of Broxtowe Drive was also frequented by residents from Kitchener Drive, Prospect Street, Derby Street and of course Broxtowe Drive.

    By Margaret egan (10/06/2015)
  • I have often said on this site that times long ago were very tough for most families. The lady in the photograph above was one such lady.

    There was a story that seeing a man who was a tramp and scrounging his living from dustbins and the such, my wife’s Gran took this man into her home and fed him. She got him back on his feet and helped him get back his confidence and self respect. The story goes that this man never forgot the kindness shown to him when he was down on his uppers. So much so, it is said, that he eventually  became Mayor of Mansfield and often visited the lady who gave him a helping hand.

    By alan curtis (22/10/2014)
  • Excellent photo Alan, I live just behind them to the left of the photo and from my front room window the lawn faces me. My house was not built until 1938 so is not in the picture.

    Is that King Edwards school in the distant to the right, it looks like the schools bell tower

    By Simon Leivers (19/10/2014)

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