Milk bottle tops

Milk bottle tops - Commemorative ones for a royal wedding in July 1981
Pym, a former guide dog



I can remember in the 70’s collecting milk bottle tops and taking them to the Chad Office to raise funds for Guide Dogs.


Does anyone else remember doing this?

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  • I do know for certain that the Guide Dogs for the blind commenced in our town in 1956. “We had just been married”. What I am not sure of is, the name of the local paper at the time. Was it the Mansfield Advertiser, or the Chronicle?  The person who headed the collecting and organized the training of the dogs, was one known in the paper as ”Jane Again.” I believe the money that was required per dog, was       £150. Dogs were also used after WW1, not as guide dogs at that time, but for soldiers returning from the front , blinded during the fighting.  It was soon noticed the dogs, not only became the man’s best friend, but became their protector and guide.  I have somewhere, photographs from the local Mansfield paper of Jane handing over a newly trained dog to it’s new owner. What a wonderful breed of dog the Labrador is.

    By alan curtis (05/11/2015)
  • I can remember collecting milk bottle tops in the early 1960s for Guide Dogs For The Blind charity, but I think it wasn’t just milk bottle tops - it was any silver foil at that time.

    By Peter Bowler. (22/01/2013)
  • I think we were collecting them way before the 70’s.

    By Angela Roche (24/01/2012)

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