Transfer of Remains from Old Meeting House Mansfield

During 1973, the Old Meeting House and grounds were demolished to make way for a new inner ring road around the town centre.

Although the existing gravestones were removed to the new Meeting House garden, the remains from the graves were transferred to the Mansfield Community Graveyard.  Unfortunately, they were re-buried in an unmarked grave.

It seems to be a sad ending for those remains, of approximately 150 Quakers from the earliest 1700’s to the 1950’s, of citizens of this area.

A memorial stone has now been erected at this grave site, to commemorate these people and an additional list of all their names and details is in the cemetery office, as well as Mansfield libraries and the museum in the town, for any researchers to see.

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  • The article refers to the original Quaker Meeting House, that was on the site of the new Bus station, all the burials were Quaker burials.On the new bus station platform is a new information board with information including that of the Quaker occupancy on the site. There is often a mix up in name as the Unitarian Church and the Quakers,both use Meeting House, to name their place of worship,they were quite separate in the way they worshiped, except being classified as Nonconformist.

    By R Holt (10/06/2013)
  • Surely the Old Meeting House still stands? Isn’t it the Unitarian Church? The church yard/cemetary was no doubt chopped around with the ring road but were the disinterred remains all Quakers?? My Great great grandmother, her mother, 2 sisters, a brother and his family were all interred there. I was under that impression that it was a burial ground for non-conformists, not just Quakers. Darrell

    By Darrell Jones (29/04/2013)

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