Titchfield Park c1860

Inside the park, and adjacent to the stone boundary wall on Nottingham Road, there is a small brick building which I believe is still used as the gardeners store.

This was originally part of my Great, great grandparents house and probably a washroom or scullery.

The attached unrestored photo shows the house including the washroom, as it was around summer 1869, before being demolished to make way for the widening of Nottingham Road. The buildings in the background are still standing and they have a date stone also showing 1869.

Samuel was loaned this land by the 4th Duke of Portland at a time I am still trying to determine, and he farmed it as a market gardener until his death in November 1869. Samuels father (Joseph Cox) was the yeoman to the Duke, and himself lived at Grasscroft cottage Mansfield Woodhouse. I have subsequently discovered through this website and the generosity of the members, that Cox’s lane was named after Joseph.

The other photo’s show my relatives, Samuel & Esther Ann Cox sitting in the garden. These have been restored as best as I can, as the originals were quite poor.

I have also added a more recent photograph of the washroom taken from a similar angle

I am hopeful that one day I will catch the park gardeners on site, and ask if I may stick my nostalgic nose in the building!


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  • I work for the Parks Department and was based on Titchfield for 6 years, I now work on Carr Bank Park. The shed is used to store slabs in. But used to be the park keepers snap cabin. Thanks for sharing I love finding out stuff about the park!

    By Steph Garner (10/11/2015)
  • Lovely little story and photos. I never imagined there was once a house standing where Nottingham road is and the connection with the gardeners shed. Thank you Phil for sharing.

    By Angela Bramwell (18/02/2015)
  • Lovely pictures of old times gone by. I feel sure there were remains of an old stone building that side of the park when I was a youngster. To add to the Duke of Portland bit, my uncle Lawson Storey, born mid 1800’s, was also connected to the duke’s estates. He was Head Gamekeeper for the Duke. 

    By alan curtis (18/02/2015)

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