Bradder Street Coronation Party 1953

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  • I used to go to see my Auntie Sarah who was a Humphreys, who lived at no 3, does any one remember the family? There were 8 children, my mum was Dorothy, born in 1913. Aunt Sarah lived there with her brother Israel, the others were Elizabeth, Amelia, John, Joseph, William. I believe their father was called William, and worked in the pit that was at the top of the road. I remember going from when quite small, I was born in 1946, until I was 10 or so.
    Auntie had a Irish Terrier who I used to dress up and push in a dolls pram, also waking up to the going down Quarry Lane to market, and playing down Quarry Lane in the river with other children from the Street. I would love to know if anyone still can remember that family.
    I never knew my nan’s name, but on the photos I have of the family she was very thin as my mum was. I have very happy memories of going there.

    By Mrs Katchell Mitchell (25/06/2023)
  • My dad , Roy Powell, is in the front row

    By Cav Powell (14/12/2016)
  • My granny (Sheila Bryan) , my Uncle Sonny, Auntie Moureen, Great Nan and Grandpops are all in this photo (by the way it’s Parke not Parkes) and I also believe that my grandads (Alan Bryan) mother is also in this photograph.

    By Georgia Williams (26/07/2016)
  • I myself was there on Bradder St for the Queen’s coronation. l was dressed as a fairy! My name then was Susan Carr. l was only 8 months old although to young to remember it years later l remember the names of most of the people in the photo what lovely memories this all brings back

    By Sue Moore (16/02/2016)
  • Nice photo, would be nice to know if any of the Parkes families off Bradder Street are related,  has any of the Parkes families done their family tree’s, our line originates from Shirland in Derbyshire, I know some went to live in Sutton then to Mansfield as the years past on.

    By Terry Parkes (01/10/2015)
  • Sue Beswick – Maureen is my Aunt, Jim is Dead now, my Mother was a Dyer from Bould Street – there were 12 of them.


    By Dennis Wright (08/08/2015)
  • May be wrong, try Mason. Grandma Mason had a daughter Francis.   Her firstborn…56, is after my time on the street.

    By alcurtis (23/06/2015)
  • Could any one please tell me what my Aunties last name was her name was Francis? She had a son called Frank whom with his wife lived two doors up from her in the late 60s early 70s. Also I believe my grandma Elizabeth Brown also lived there who had a daughter Maureen who was married in 1956 to Jim Dyer of Boulder Street, Mansfield my grandma lived or was married to Arthur Brown my Uncle had an allotment at the bottom of Bladder Street he was married to Francis. I lived with my grandma for a short period of time because I remember going to school on Moor Lane the infants school which you accessed via the bridge. My uncle Frank (Francis’s son) had two children a boy and a girl any information please I would be very grateful thank you .

    Sue Beswick


    By Susan beswick nee( dyer) (22/06/2015)
  • Hello Kerry, Not only did I know your Nana, I knew your Nana’s Mum. She is also on the photograph. The street was a close knit community. I recall I used to play with Jack, he was a close mate. Noreen, and Gwen I remember, I feel there was a younger member, whose name escapes me. I remember just about everyone who lived on the street, especially during the war.

    Hello Garry, your Mum and Dad were always at our house. Marge Austin and Jim Noble. Big friends of my sister Alice and her husband Reg Atkins, I believe I can remember you as a baby. As I say, the street was always a close knit community. Not many I cannot remember, who include Sonny Parks, Stan Hopewell, Mick Burrows, Mark Wilson, the Bartley’s, the Bagley’s. And many more.

    By Alan Curtis (16/06/2015)
  • Hello Kath,

     I am Gary Noble I think you was very close friends of the Noble family, my mother was Marg Myers, are you that person?

    By Gary Noblega (12/06/2015)
  • Hi Kerry if you look on Bradder Street memories site on the fancy dress photo there is a photo of your nanna Gwen in the scottish dress, her sister June on left of photo in dutch dress and Joyce sat on front row as Red Riding Hood hope this helps.  kath mason

    By Kath Mason (11/06/2015)
  • Hi Alan. Thank you for your reply. My nanas name is Gwen Clark, her maiden name was Abrams. All the info on this site is great. Very interesting history.  Thank you very much. 


    By Kerry knight (03/11/2014)
  • Hello Kerry,  If you can tell me what your Nana’s name was, maybe we can find something for you to add to your scrap book, although, I cannot promise any other photographs.  I have tried to add a few sketches on the site that she may recall. Alan


    By alan curtis (27/10/2014)
  • Hi I am doing a scrap book for my Nana who lived on Bradder street. If anyone has any more photos of the area I would greatly appreciate it. 

    Thank you 🙂

    By Kerry knight (22/10/2014)
  • Hi Dorothy, my name is Gary Noble  I lived on Bradder Street early sixties until 1970 then moved to Australia , the people you mentioned in your coment I hung out with them, Chris Curtis, John Leverton, I remember your brothers Allan and Colin, also Lynn Lyons.  I went to Rosemary School  with Chris and John,  you probably know my brothers Dale and Paul, we all live in Australia now , do you see any of the guys around now ? 

    Kind Regards

    Gary Noble


    By gnoble (11/09/2014)
  • I have fond memories of living on Bradder Street although we moved house when I was 12. I had an enjoyable childhood playing games like tin can a lurky, British bulldog, and hide and seek with my brothers Colin and Alan and friends Chris Curtis, Lynn Lyons, and Jonny Levington to name but a few, wonder if anyone remembers Pikey Joe From Quarry Lane? Scary! My maiden name was Dorothy Parke.

    By Dorothy Bradshaw (07/09/2014)
  • I lived on Bradder street from 1956 to 1968. The lady on the left of the second row (full face) is my mum, Kathleen Mitchell, youngest sister of mrs. Pat Parkes,who is seated in front of her. Pat had three children with her husband Ernie. These were Terry (Sonny),Sheila (married Alan Bryan) and Maureen. I had two sisters, Janet and Lynda. We lived at number 35, in-between mr. Hopewell and his son Stan at number 37 and mr.and mrs. Amphlett and their son John.

    By ken mitchell (12/08/2014)
  • Kathleen Mason, well well well . How are you young lady. I remember your Granny very well. Lived next door but one to us. I met Nelly about seven years ago, a lovely lady, she ask us to go for a cup of tea , but we never made it. You know how it is, visits so short, so many friends and relatives to see. I recall your dad was a butcher, and your house was at the side of the Gennel. Next door to Lock’s house.  You had a shed in the small back garden.  One day a rat from the tippin went under the shed, your dad got Wilson’s little Jack Russell dog to sort it out.  Sadly, most of the folk who brought us up have long gone, but what a fantastic upbringing they gave us.  Thank you Kathleen for remembering me. 

    By alan curtis (08/07/2014)
  • Hi Alan, the person you have labelled Cyril Mason is right, he’s my father, and Hilda Mason, my mum in the centre. Just found this site two days ago and I’m having a ball! I lived at 21 but always stayed at grandma’s at 71 and the other Masons lived at 39.

    Kath Mason

    By Kath Mason (07/07/2014)
  • Hi Alan I was born on Bradder Street in 1948. My Parents were Cyril & Dolly Godber at No 41. If you can remember them let me know. I can remember all the places you mentioned, Hayfield, Coco Pond, Engine Sheds etc.. I also remember going to the old Lord Byron over the old wooden bridge over the River Maun, with my parents. I stayed at No 41 till I got married to Christine then moved into No 33 which we had two girls Michele & Andrea then we moved in 1976. I miss the good times we used to have but glad for the memories – Steven Godber

    By Stephen Godber (12/12/2013)
  • Hello Stephen, I actually can remember you as a new baby. I also remember your Mum and Dad, and the house you lived in, all very well. You had lovely parents, and I believe your father was a miner. He ran the Bradder Street 16’s Football Team and I recall him coming to our house one night to tell me that Freddy Steel, the then Manager of Mansfield Town F.C. wanted me to sign for Mansfield. You had an older brother Alan.. My regards to you and your family Stephen, it is so nice to hear from an old Bradder Street member.

    By alan curtis (12/12/2013)
  • Sorry forgot to put my single name it was Carol Abrams we lived at number 25

    By Carol Berry (17/11/2013)
  • I know your family very well . I use to go around with Margaret Parks your aunty.

    By carol berry (08/11/2013)
  • Hi Alan, Ray Parke remembers everything about living on Bradder! The gentleman in the photo is Mr Bryan Jeff and Alans dad.

    By ray parke (27/09/2013)
  • My mamma is in this photo….Vera Parke….my dad is Raymond Parke

    By Darren Parke (21/09/2013)
  • Raymond Parke, well bless my soul, I remember him when he was only knee high to a Grasshopper…Your Mamma is third from the left, middle row. Nice to hear from you, say hello. Alan.

    By alan curtis (21/09/2013)
  • Hello just read your comment. It was Joyce that moved to 61. I moved up to Yorkshire when I got married, lived here 42 years now but still class Mansfield as home.We have one daughter and one son and 8 grandchildren.We come down to Mansfield often to see Joyce and also pop over to see Ada in Nottingham. Lovely to hear from you Eileen can’t place what number house you lived at. I speak to Gillian Parker on face book sometimes you might remember her.

    By carol berry (26/07/2012)
  • Hi Carol, have just read your comment following Alan Curtis write up on Bradder Street. Are you the one that when Married, moved to number 61 Bradder or was that Joyce your sister? I do remember most of your family, Ada, Gwen, Joyce, Jack, Ken, and yourself and of course Noreen who died quite young if I remember. Yes those were the days, nobody was well off but like every one who lived there they was the happiest days of my years. I would love to hear about your family and any more that you may know about or ae in contact with. Happy Memories. Eileen Curtis Leverton

    By Eileen Leverton (Nee Curtis) (19/07/2012)
  • Hello Glenna, (What a lovely name ). I do remember your mother, a tall slim young lady as I knew, dark hair, at the time she wore glasses, good looking young lady. She was more my brother and sister Ina’s age, Ina would have been 87. I bet your mother would remember Ina, also a few more from the street. I remember all your family, but your uncle Jack was better known to me, he was more my age, and I believe his birthday was around the 28 November. Regards to you and all the Abrams family…We all have some wonderful memories of the street.

    By alan curtis (10/07/2012)
  • Mrs Abrams was my Grandmother her daughter was Ada who is 85 now. I remember that street well, and drove past the other day to see it all gone. It was a big family and hard times but Grandma always put on a good spread as they say. Glenna Hubbard 08.07.2012

    By Glenna Hubbard (08/07/2012)
  • If you mean where it is showing half the person it very well could be.The build and stature looks very much like dad.It has been lovely reading about all the people. I remember Mrs Brian very well, she always wore black.

    By isaacobi (22/06/2012)
  • Hello Carol, I Cannot remember you as I was away from Bradder Street from 1951 to 1954. I do remember your family very well,  I believe that the gentleman to the far right of the picture is the husband of Mrs Abrams…Alan

    By alan curtis (20/06/2012)
  • I lived on Bradder Street. My name was Abrams I lived at No. 25. I remember Coronation day as I was the Queen for the day (4 years old), I loved living there!

    By carol (19/06/2012)
  • We have just spent the most marvellous four days celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen, Elizabeth 2nd. What a wonderful lady our Queen is. We had the most fantastic street party ever, about 60 of us all contributing food and drinks, wonderful time. Then I remembered – when the King died, I was on a special parade for the funeral. When Princess Elizabeth returned from Africa to become our new Queen in 1952..I was again on parade in Cyprus.. 12 months later in 1953 when the coronation took place in Westminster Abbey, I was again on a special parade in Cyprus. Very pleased to still be here…Alan

    By alan curtis (05/06/2012)
  • Geoff, your mother was right,it was a different life then…I knew your mother Gwen, and more so your uncle Jack….Also remember your Gran, cannot bring to mind your Grand-dad…but rember Noreen…..You come from a good stock….My very best wishes to you and yours….Alan Curtis

    By alan curtis (04/06/2012)
  • I am the son of Gwen Abrams, who’s mother is on the coronation picture. My mother told me many stories of life back then and how tough they were.

    By Geoff Clarke (03/06/2012)
  • In the 1956 Gazetteer Street Index for Bradder St there is shown an additional Street, Railway Side. The occupants being P Villums, JA Plume, E Maycock and B Carr, would these be Railway Workers?

    By Tom Shead (31/05/2012)
  • Hi Tom, the cottages you mention were old stone terraced houses and faced the railway lines. They had rather long front gardens with a low stone wall separating the gardens from Cinderella’s Walk which ran alongside the railway lines. They had quite a large rear closed in yard where there were a row of outside toilets, and plenty of room to hang out washing. The toilets had quite a large wall in front of them to give them privacy. On one occasion, a train from the Engine Sheds, came through the bumpers, shot straight though the wall of the sheds, over the stone wall which surrounded the sheds, over the Back Lane, and ended up buried in the end house of the Railway Side. Although they were called Railway Side, and were next to the engine sheds, it is more probable they housed the brick work workers of many years ago. Over the railway lines there used to be another row of stone cottages called,The Ten Row. The two rows faced each other, and the Ten Row cottages were actually in the old brickyard alongside Victoria Terraces. These were demolished when I was very young. However, having said that, it is also possible for the cottages to have been built for the quarry workers of yester year… Alan

    By alan curtis (31/05/2012)
  • I have been reading about Street games played by the kids of our era, 30s,40, and 50s in the Mansfield area.The Memories of Warsop Vale and Warsop Main Colliery book explains some of the games and rules. 1,finger or thumb or a rusty bum, no it’s not rude! 2, Ralico. 3, tin can a lurky. 4, Relievio. Anyone remember playing these games?

    By Tom Shead (25/05/2012)
  • It was so nice looking and remembering all the people on our street we lived at number 26 and its nice showing my children my roots as it were.

    By Jill Parker (22/05/2012)
  • Hi Tom, Very much enjoyed having those folk , and Ghosts’ revived in my mind’s eye….. Of course I knew each and every one of them….What a great community they all made… Many Thanks ……Alan

    By alan curtis (21/05/2012)
  • Linneys Directory 1956 – Bradder Street (Quarry Lane) Austin, S. 2; Arlington House Yates, D. A. 4; Arlington House Milnes, A. 1; General Dealer Powell, M. 3; Humphries, I. 5; Bull, T. 7; Barson, W. H. 9; Brocklehurst. R. 11; Ratcliffe, A. V. 13; Quinn J. M. 15; Scattergood, C. 17; Howieson, W. 19; Mason, C. 21; Lock, J. 23; Abrams, A. E. 25; Wilson, R. 27; Parke, E. 29; Parke, A. 31; Amphlett, J. 33; Udall, J. 35; Hopewell, J. W. 37; Warrener. A. 39; Godber, C. 41; Bryan, H. A. 43; Kendall. J. 45; Hempsall, W. 47; Marriott, J. A. 49; Dibble, W. E. 51; Caulton, J. A. 53; Skinner, W. 55; Cooper, J. 57; Kelk, W. 59; Grumbley, J. E. 61; Heath, A. M. 63; Hunt, S. 65; Curtis, E. M. 67; Bagley, F. 69; Lyons, E. 71; Allen, A. 73; Leverton, J. H. 75; King, T. H. 77; Carr, J. J. 79; Wright, C. E. 81; Wharton, G. 83 ; General Dealer; Bagley, D. W. 60 ; Scothern, W. 58; Astle, R. L. 56; Roberts, H. 54; Reast, F. 52; Taylor, A. 50 ; Radford, H. 48; Barson, A. H. 46 ; Elmhirst, W. S. 44; Knowles, G. J. 42; Evans, A. 40; Bower, T. 38; Blinkhorn. W. J. 36; Stackowicz, E. E. 34; Fawsitt, G. 32; Grumbley, J. E. 30; Grimley, E. 28; Parker, C. 26; Squire, A. T. 24; McGee, E. 22; Thorpe, S. C. 20; Bryan, H. 18 ; Bryan, E. 16; Bull, G. A. 14; Harper, D. 12 ; Bartle, W. 10; Burrows, G. 8; Mitchell, A. 6;

    By Tom Shead (20/05/2012)
  • With the oncoming celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee Years, I feel it right and proper to mention another Bradder Street resident…Mr. Frank Bagley who was my very dear friend and buddy through the years of the 30’s 40’s and 50’s….It is worth remembering that Frank served in the Armed Forces from 1951 to 1953….After serving in the Korean War, Frank was sent home to England to represent his regiment at the Queen’s Coronation after the death of King George VI in February 1952….Frank was one of the many soldiers who lined the Mall on that very wet day of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II…..As with many other residents of Bradder Street, he did the street proud….

    By alan curtis (15/04/2012)
  • Hi Alan my mum Dolores Wilson can remember having the picture taken on Bradder Street for the Coronation but there only seems to be half of the picture because she was stood to the left of my gran at the time do you have anymore of the picture?

    By Michael Wilson (21/01/2012)
  • Sorry Michael , Unfortunately I don’t ….That picture was sent to me when I was getting my knees brown in the Middle East. Kept it in my wallet for many years…..Probably the person taking the picture moved ?… Say a big Hello to your Mum. Does Dolores know of any others off of the street still around? Alan Curtis

    By Alan Curtis (21/01/2012)
  • I am the grandson of Agnes Wilson I also see my grandfather Richard and my Uncle David

    By Michael Wilson (19/01/2012)
  • I am going to attempt to name the people in this picture. Back Row: L to R…Mrs Abrams…Mrs Wilson…Terry Parkes. Mr. Wilson…Mr. Parkes…Mrs. Bryon…Kathleen Mason Middle Row:..?…Miss Parkes…Mrs Ivy King…Mrs Vera Parkes…Mrs Mason…Mrs Dibble (?)…David Wilson… Front Row:..Miss Parkes…Mrs Parkes…Mrs. McGee who the police used to call out to lay people out who had died or been in an accident and died…She also laid people out who had died at home…Roy Powell…Cyril Mason…?…

    By alan curtis (14/08/2011)

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