Carr Bank, Mansfield

This photograph was possibly taken in the late 1940’s early 1950’s, and reproduced as a postcard. It has much to tell us.

The children all look happy enough to smile for the camera as having your photograph taken at one time was something special. It would have been quite a novelty to be asked to pose for the picture as these youngsters have obviously been asked to do.

Look at the childrens clothes, their ankle socks and shoes, then compare them to what many children wear today.

The flower beds full of tulips which look good in black and white must have been a wonderful array of colour.

In the background is the war memorial which was unveiled in 1924. Also Carr Bank House which was origionally built for Charles Stanton a local cotton spinner, (more information on this can be discovered in ‘Mansfield in old picture postcards’ by David Ottewell).

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  • I am also related, as my grandmother was called Phoebe Houfton and used to live on the Park not far from Carr Bank. Sir John Plowright Houfton was a mining engineer, member of parliament and also one of the founder members of Sherwood Forest Golf Club in Mansfield. I also was told he lived at Carr Bank and had connections with Park Hall at Mansfield Woodhouse, but don’t have any further details.

    By Robert Mccabe (17/01/2016)
  • My great uncle, Sir John Plowright Houfton, lived at Carr Bank c. 1915. In 1920, his address was given as Park Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse. I would be pleased to receive any information as to his occupation or ownership of these properties.

    By Benjamin Houfton (20/09/2014)

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