Museum Exhibition Opens

These photos from the Museums Chad Negative Collection take us back 30 years, in the day before our present musem staff were there.

So who was the Museum Curator then?

Who are the other people on the photographs?

What is the exhibition that is being opened?

What event is taking place on the wonderful photo that they are looking at?

Chad P+ 8660 - 05
Chad P+ 8660 - 07
Chad P+ 8660 - 09
Chad P+ 8660 - 05

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  • The occasion is the opening of the Nature of Mansfield gallery. The man cutting the ribbon is Neil Cossons who went on to become the Director of the Science Museum in London. The Chairman of the Council, in the mayoral chains, is Reginald Strauther and the man to the left of Neil Cossons as you look at the top picture is Councillor Tom Lancaster who was Chair of the Leisure Committee. I think the Curator is Susan Howard. The event in the photograph they are looking at in the bottom picture is the Incorporation of the Borough in 14th July 1891.

    By Liz Weston (19/12/2012)
  • I think the guy with the glasses and beard in the top two photographs is David Denton. I think he was the Head of Leisure Services for Mansfield District Council at the time.

    By Pete Higgins (19/12/2012)

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